Our Company

Founded in 1996 by Adam Lewis, The Planetary Group is an artist development firm. Planetary will tailor a campaign, based around an artist’s goals, that targets the most appropriate outlets for a release. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Planetary has its finger on the pulse of the current music scene.


What is the Planetary Group?

For over 20 years Planetary has worked with a variety of musicians from all genres, signed and unsigned, self-released, indie and major labels. Planetary can help to create a solid foundation for new artists, and take all artists to new levels. You can see a list of our clients in the radio and digital marketing sections of this site.

The radio department structures a campaign that targets college radio, AAA, non-commercial, and commercial-specialty shows. The stations are solicited for airplay and feedback regarding the release. In addition, radio interviews and in-studio performances are coordinated in touring markets wherever possible. Planetary’s radio and tour support can provide the necessary groundwork that would ensure advance exposure in your pending tour markets.

In addition to airplay, increased public interest and awareness comes about through features, interviews, reviews, previews, and anything else that attracts people in the digital world. The digital marketing side of Planetary offers national campaigns for record releases, tour press to alert local media to shows, and a smaller tastemaker campaigns geared towards blogs. Planetary digital marketing focuses on online media exclusively, and at online & print with tour press. Planetary digital marketing provides a network for music to be heard via working relationships with writers, freelancers, bloggers, and site owners. Planetary strives to get your music listened to, and then facilitates the writers’ work by providing what they need to cover the music.

The Planetary Group will put your band on the radar.