Independent Music Promotion in Holland

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Not every musician is the same. At Planetary Group, we understand this important principle. That’s why our promotional approach is uniquely tailored to every artist we work with. We understand the differences between local and international music promo strategies, and use our knowledge – and industry contacts – to design a plan that targets your goals, no matter what stage of your music career you’ve reached. Through indie music promotion in Holland, we can broaden your presence, help you to be heard by key radio stations, and gain recognition and media coverage.

We know that you have big musical aspirations. We understand you want to make it in the music industry – not only in Holland, but all over the world. Whether you’re looking for radio promotion, online promotion, festival promotion, or consulting services, our team has you covered. To talk about your career goals and how we can help you reach them, contact Planetary Group online, or call us today at (323) 952-5050.

Holland Music Promotion Services Planetary Group Offers

Thanks to the internet and social media, we live in an interconnected world. Naturally, this changes the game for international artists who are trying to break out. Every year, countless bands and artists try to make it into the music business – but without efficient music promotion, it’s usually a losing battle.

Let Planetary Group handle your promo services, so that you can focus on making great music and honing your artistic talents. We offer radio publicity, online music promotion, tour press services, and more.

Radio Promotion

When it comes to building your musical presence, nothing beats the radio. From its inception, radio has been an incredible forum to generate recognition. From The Beatles to Michael Jackson, radio has been a vital outlet for the biggest artists’ musical careers. It should be for you, too. From college and non-commercial radio to digital streaming and beyond, we can help you harness the power of radio stations to grow any indie artist’s career.

We work closely with independent radio stations, such as personnel like Program Directors, to help your music find a larger audience. We take our independent music promotion seriously, which is why we don’t waste your time by throwing demo tapes at random desks. Instead, we make sure to focus on the right independent radio stations for your music.

Tour Press

Tour press is what it sounds like: creating (and taking advantage of) press opportunities while actively on tour. It should not be taken lightly, since tour press is a major part of virtually every band’s promotion strategy. Whether you want more people to show up to your next performance, want to distribute your material to the right contacts, or both, you’ll need great tour press.

The problem for many independent musicians is they do not have the time or the energy to invest in tour press. However, with the assistance of a professional music promotion company, your band can focus on creating music while we take care of the details for you. We have extensive experience handling tour press across all types of genres in Holland and abroad. This includes reaching out to the top tier independent music blogs – and every other media outlet that can be utilized as a medium – to increase awareness and generate hype for your next gig.

Online Publicity

We live in an online world. Every day, millions upon millions of people interact with one another through world wide web. The internet has proven to be an exceptional tool not only for communication, but also for music promotion. Record labels, independent musicians, and international artists have been taking advantage of the benefits the internet brings to their business when it comes to promotion and exposure.

The key thing to consider about online PR is knowing which vehicles to focus on. For instance, if you are an indie rock band, chances are you won’t be successful if you share your content on a heavy metal or hip-hop blog. Like any industry, knowing your audience and targeting the right promotion strategies is crucial in the music business.

International Promotion Services for Indie Musicians in Holland

International artists require a different approach when it comes to indie music promotion. Our professional promo team has extensive experience working with bands and artists throughout the Holland region, from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and everywhere in between. If you’re an artist based in the Netherlands, and you’re looking for help getting recognized in the music industry, contact Planetary Group today. To talk about your promo needs, call us at (323) 952-5050, or contact Planetary Group online.