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    Content on the Internet is constantly competing for our time and attention. It can be easy for bands that are emerging in the industry to feel as though the things they create and the media created about them are lost in the torrent of content published on the Internet every day. However, with the help of Los Angeles digital PR agency The Planetary Group, bands and other musical acts can feel certain that their content is reaching audiences who are interested in seeing and interacting with it.

    Planetary Group in Los Angeles has experienced digital public relations specialists who are prepared to help any band get the attention they want and deserve. Contact them as soon as possible to learn more about how they can help your group with the creation and implementation of a digital PR strategy. Call (323) 952-5050 today.

    What is Digital PR?

    Digital PR is a type of public relations that has developed with the rise of the Internet and online platforms. It combines the traditional tenets of public relations with a mastery of digital content production and distribution.

    Traditional PR focuses on communicating information about clients to the public by writing press releases, holding special events, blogging, using social media, and cultivating strong relationships with members of the press. Digital PR, on the other hand, is different in that it emphasizes the methods of content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, and outreach to influencers and content producers.  Digital public relations specialists in the music industry focus on finding ways to build awareness about bands and their tours, events, merchandise, and other products. They also focus on building good relationships with fans and members of the music community.

    Successfully engaging in digital public relations can mean many things in practice. Like traditional public relations, digital PR entails the creation of press releases. However, digital PR places a strong emphasis on creating online press releases that include valuable and relevant links to credible sources.

    Digital PR also entails finding ways to repurpose various types of content. For example, a single blog post can be repurposed into a social media post. A video can be shared on multiple platforms, as can an article in a local newspaper. Digital public relations specialists understand which types of content are best suited for which online platforms and maintain relationships with the people who create and share that content.

    How a Digital PR Agency Can Help Your Band

    Bands and other artists who work in the music industry can benefit from the services of a PR agency in a variety of ways. Publicists who work for bands and musical artists can tell stories about their clients while ensuring that those tales reach audiences that will enjoy and appreciate the message. A PR agency can also help bands and musical artists create campaigns that promote certain projects and products.

    A digital PR agency, however, plays a more specific role. A digital PR agency employs the laws of Internet sharing to spread information about your band through online media channels. Digital PR specialists can get coverage for the bands they represent in the form of interviews and articles hosted on digital media platforms, posts on prominent blogs, online radio promotion, and shares on social media. Digital PR specialists are able to get coverage for their clients through online channels because they maintain close relationships with writers, editors, publishers, influencers, content producers, and social media users while keeping a close eye on trends in content and the tastes and interests of audiences.

    Publicists who do digital public relations can also help bands they represent by not only getting the right media channels and content creators to pay attention, but also by optimizing the ways that audiences can access content about their clients. Digital PR companies understand the basic tenets of search engine optimization, which is the practice of aligning content with the algorithms used by search engines. This may entail including certain phrases that are frequently searched or links to other valuable content. Digital PR companies can also find ways to boost traffic to your band’s website and social media pages. Utilizing social media to a bands’ benefit is another significant service that digital PR companies can provide.

    Essentially, the role of a digital PR company is to build their clients’ reputation among the public and generate interest in their clients’ work. Digital public relations companies can not only use their expertise to bring your band to the next level of public recognition, but they can save your band the time and energy of worrying about these matters so you can concentrate on the creative aspect of music. The services of a digital PR agency allow your group to focus on the things that are most important: writing, producing, recording, sharing, and performing the music that feels true to you.

    Digital PR Agency for Los Angeles Bands and Artists

    It’s difficult for bands to compete for attention within the vast amount of content on the Internet. If you are a band, know that you don’t have to be alone in your attempt to draw attention to your work. Planetary Group is eager and prepared to help bands of all sizes and genres all over the world. Take some time to talk with us today by calling (323) 952-5050.

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