What Is Online Publicity:

Online Publicity is the business of disseminating information to increase public awareness and interest in your project. Publicity is not that quarter page ad you bought in CMJ. That’s advertising. You do not buy publicity. Increased public interest and awareness comes about through features, interviews, reviews, previews, articles and anything else that attracts people to you or your product. The record review and online post is a highly regarded, small victory that when acquired in quantity or quality can really help build a band or artist’s reputation.


What We Do

We provide our clients the ability to reach online publishers of magazines, newspapers, free weeklies, websites, blogs, podcasts, and online radio, and utilize our relationships to get their projects heard and written about. We utilize technology to allow publishers the ability to listen, learn, and post about a project. Our goal is to get your music heard by publishers, and ultimately written about, played, and posted online. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established artist, you’re working on your first album, or just recorded your first song in your bedroom – we can find a way to help.


Who Do We Contact?

We focus on editors, freelancers, and online publishers, of course. We work with online press, podcasters, online radio outlets, independent blog publishers, and anyone that uses any UGC site, like Blogger, WordPress, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Livejournal, etc.

Tour PR

Four to six weeks ahead of a tour date, we alert the media in the town/city that an artist is performing and supply them with everything they need to cover the event. We build hype along the route of the tour. We follow up, keep in touch, and invite local press to check out your show both in the print and online arenas. We put your tour on the radar.


Project Marketing

We’ll work with the client to create, host, and spread the word about giveaways and other promotions. Anything your imagination can create, we can do!