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Planetary Group has been helping brands and musicians get radio airtime since 1996. We develop specific, targeted campaigns, based on your goals, to help you access regional and even national radio stations. We solicit radio stations to play your music, offer feedback, and we even set up interviews that align with your touring markets. 

You have enough to worry about as a musician and a content creator, that’s why Planetary Group offers a simple, easy-to-use radio promotion service that you can trust. We work with musicians from all genres and experience levels: from up-and-coming artists to more seasoned professionals. We guarantee to provide you with the exposure you deserve. 

Our radio department develops campaigns that target college radio, AAA, non-commerical, and commercial specialty shows. In this section we will give you an overview of our public radio promotional campaigns. 

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What is the public radio format?

Public radio outlets refer to publicly or privately owned media outlets whose primary goal is public service; many of these media outlets are considered public or private not-for-profit corporations. 

In the United States public radio broadcasters might receive funding from both Federal and state sources, but generally, most of their financial support comes from underwriting from corporations and businesses, along with audience contributions through pledge drives. 

Public radio can be a great option for up-and-coming musicians because it’s concerned more with diversity, quality programming, and speaking directly to citizens – rather than turning a profit. So, public radio is a great way to gain new listeners and build a solid foundation in the music industry. 

What kind of music does public radio play? 

No matter what kind of music you create – from metal to electronic to chamber music, there’s likely a local public radio station that will be excited to play your music. Since public radio is largely funded by a community of listeners, rather than advertisers, public radio stations have the freedom to play music that might not appear on commercial radio stations. 

Public radio stations range from big, national stations like NPR to smaller, local radio stations. We can work together to decide which public radio stations you should target, based on your goals. 

Keep in mind, that larger, national public radio stations will be more difficult to break into, while smaller, local stations will be much more welcoming to new artists. 

How does our process work? 

First we will need to listen to your release to determine if it’s something that aligns with the public radio outlets we target. If so, then we will reach out to you to discuss your goals and touring plans so that we can create a customized, targeted campaign that works for you. 

Radio campaigns typically run 6-8 weeks, where Planetary Group is actively soliciting radio stations for airtime and feedback, saving you time and energy.

What you need to provide. 

You’ll need to provide us with digital tracks or albums of your music, along with a brief bio to help provide some background for your work to the stations. 

For regional campaigns our team would be personally reaching out to between 150-200 radio stations, and around 300+ for national campaigns. We will let you know the exact amount when we discuss your customized promotional plan.    

What Planetary Group delivers. 

  • A specific, targeted, public radio promotion campaign, based on your needs
  • Weekly status reports with radio feedback, pulled from our website 
  • Tour support promotion to ensure advance exposure in your pending tour markets
  • Peace of mind – knowing that Planetary is adept at taking music of nearly every stripe to the radio 

A final word about public radio promotion.

Writing, recording, and releasing your music is hard enough without thinking of the time and effort it takes to promote it. Let Planetary Group ease your stress by managing your public radio promotional campaign, that way you can get back to what really matters to you – creating fantastic music for everyone to enjoy! 



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