Social Media Management

Part of being in the modern day music business is saying on top of your bands social media image. We offer ongoing media training to teach you how to turn every opportunity into an opportunity to get your fans engaged with you on a new level.


Social Media Mangement

What We Do:

We provide our clients with a full social media campaign for their releases. For each campaign, we plan an optimized content calendar, promote posts to targeted audiences, book Takeovers, Livestreams and much more – whatever will get audiences excited about your music and make them feel connected to you. Because of its accessibility, social media is crucial to build a dedicated fanbase. If you want to use it to its fullest potential, we can help you.


How Long is a Social Media Campaign?

A social media campaign lasts 2-4 weeks per piece of content, which includes singles, music/ lyric videos, EPs, and albums. For example, if you release an EP with two singles, you might want to do two weeks per single & two for the EP, totalling 6 weeks. This does not have to be six weeks in a row – campaigns can be spread out over time!


What Happens During a Campaign?

  • During the campaign, we will plan a content calendar & schedule posts across social media platforms. We will select ideal posting times, and curate content based on what your audience resonates with.

  • For some campaigns, we can plan additional exciting content, such as livestreams, takeovers, and anything else that might engage fans on social media. 

  • We still encourage our artists to post other content during the campaign and we will work with them to keep captions in their voice. When content is authentic, audiences are more willing to engage.

  • Most importantly, we will run promoted posts & ads, optimized to reach potential fans and meet the campaign goals (ie. more followers, higher engagement, more streams)

  • We also offer YouTube & Spotify advertising as separate services.

What You Need To Provide:

  • All singles, videos, EPs, albums and their release dates (even if they are prospective)

  • Recent press photos, bio, and single/EP/album information

  • Any premade graphics, logos or videos you wish to have included in the campaign

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