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The Planetary Group has presented shows and tours in China, India, Singapore and Scandinavia for the past eleven years. This is the latest opportunity. It is truly a once in a life time tour to experience and is open to Sonicbids members only.


Tour China


Planetary, Split Works, and Sonicbids are excited to be offering the next opportunity for artists to perform and tour in China, with the next Tour China event, for September 2011. One act will receive an all expense tour to China, including airfare, hotel, meals, etc and will perform at the Black Rabbit Music Festival in Shanghai and Beijing.

Genres accepted include Rock, Pop, Indie Rock, Reggae, World, Jazz, Blues, Singer/Songwriter and Hip-Hop. Pretty much anything – as long as it’s good.

Planetary takes care of all logistics: visas, airfare, food, equipment rentals, permits and housing. All band members must be over 18 years of age to participate.

The tour follows the successful recent Planetary/Sonicbids China tour (May ’10) of Olafur Arnalds from Iceland (who has been back twice since because of this first tour) Locksley (‘07), and Something to Burn (Tour China ‘05) who performed at the Beijing Rock Festival. You can read more information about these tours, get FAQs & view photos of the shows in the tour section of our website. You can also view a video of Something to Burn’s appearance, read press, view tour dates, and read testimonials from The Natural History (2004 Tour Scandinavia winner), Malajube (2005 Tour Scandinavia winner) and Falcon (2007 Tour Scandinavia Winner). Lots of photos and press clips are all posted on Planetary Group’s website. We have brought bands of all styles, from indie rock to Funk and Blues: Malajube, Locksley, Something To Burn, Damone, Superhoney, Entrain, The Realistics, Sam Hopper Blues Trio on these tours. Be sure to look at all the press, videos, and photos of what we have done.

This is what Olafur had to say about his China tour last year:

“I didn’t really know what to expect before going, thought it was just best to think of this as a nice trip, in case the shows would go horribly wrong… But it all went perfectly, the tour was amazingly well promoted and the shows turned out to be great! I have even been invited back in the autumn, got lots of good connections and even a contract with an agency over there.”

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