10 Cool Ways Up Your Home Recording Studio Design

So you’ve sprung for the high end equipment, good mics, a better CPU, interface, wires, and the best studio speakers money can buy, but still you want to take your home studio to the next level. Maybe you have higher end clients coming now that your studio isn’t just a pipe dream, or maybe due to COVID you’ve stated recording people for a living. Or maybe you’re just bored and feel the satisfying gnaw of upgrading to the next, better thing.

Here are some options for your to consider when upgrading your set-up, based on some of the coolest set-ups we’ve seen in America and Europe.


  • Acoustic Panels
  • Two Visual Moniters
  • Two Sets of Speakers A/B
  • Lighting
  • Plants for Vibes
  • Mini-Fridge
  • L-Shaped Desk
  • Cool Comfortable Couch
  • Soundproof Second Room
  • Natural Light

1. Acoustic Panels

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Wood Slat Acoustic Panels from GikAcoustics.com sell for 75$ and give a warm look to your studio space

If you don’t have them already, strategically adding some acoustic panels to your walls in the studio room will not only help the way playback sounds and feels, but it also adds a visual element that says professional at work. Symmetrical layouts are not only pleasing to the eye, but also route out pesky trouble frequencies that get amplified and bounced around in rooms with right angle corners (let’s face it, general contractors don’t go to “acoustically perfect”).

Regular foam panels do the trick, make playback pleasurable, and no one will ever say, “What’s that sound? Do you hear that weird ringing?”

Other spring for fancy asymmetrical wooden block sound absorbers. They sure do look cool and artsy, and they work even better. Check em all out and pick your pricepoint. 

2. Two Visual Monitors

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When it comes to editing and tracking music efficiently, two screens are better than one. It’s just the truth. It comes in handy so you don’t have to continuously click between the DAW screen and any possible plug-ins you may be manipulating, in addition to freeing space for anything that may rear its head in the process of mixing or mastering.

3. Two Sets of Speakers for A/B

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Like monitors for the computer, it isn’t a bad idea to have an extra pair of studio speakers on hand and ready to rock. Many engineers I know have two for the technically savvy reason of listening back and forth to a mix or master in multiple speakers of different builds in attempt to achieve the most balanced sound across different kinds of brands. It also serves the very practical purpose of being a back-up pair of speakers if you blow yours own in a session by mistake. With an extra pair, the session doesn’t have to end or be postponed til you get back from the store.

4. Lighting

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Although they may seem flashy, an affordable set of remote control LED color changing lights can really set the mood in a subtle or drastic way (depending on the talent). As hippyish as it sounds, vibes are important, man! You don’t have to be flashing pink and purple lights while tracking, but you could if you wanted to! And even just a gentle, not bright, orange wash against the walls (or behind the acoustic panels even!) can serve to calm down a nervous guitarist or singer.

5. Plants

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Also in the vibe category, living things that don’t make noise really liven up a studio. And although your cat is cute and cuddly, some musicians may be allergic, so why not liven up the studio with some choice plantlife?

They’re green, uplifting, and actually can serve to recycle some of the air in that stuffy room (admit it). You don’t have to go as far as some 90s R&B stars and create a literal jungle in the booth, but having some plants to compliment the instruments and computers can soften the cold, clinical, technical feel of some studios and their equipment.

6. Mini-fridge

small fridge 1024x1002 - 10 Cool Ways Up Your Home Recording Studio Design

Some sessions get interrupted often so the band can grab a soda, or a beer, or a snack. To ensure the flow continues and you don’t have to stop every 30 minutes, studios with a minifridge always create a welcoming vibe. Maybe keep some seltzers in for the band, or just space for leftovers after everyone eats some lunch. You can’t go wrong with a little cold storage on site, in the room, for easy access.

7. L-shaped desk (for space)

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For those with small rooms that cause space concerns, the L-shaped desk can really be a homerun. It fits into the corner and usually frees up space on both the walls it rests between, space better used to amps, guitar racks, a good couch, or a wall of synthesizers and drum machines, depending on your proclivities.

8. New, but comfortable, couch

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There’s nothing like relaxing while making a record. But no one wants to sink into a dingy, old dirty couch while you review the latest mix. A nice, new couch or love seat is always an important piece of studio furniture. But don’t make it fancy or stylish. When recording, artists don’t care about your chaise lounge’s history or the designer of your plastic chair, people just wanna relax between takes/listens without feeling like they might get bedbugs.

9. Soundproof 2nd room (for amp and vocal work)

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It’s not always possible, as this is your home studio, but if possible, building out a soundproof live-room for for loud amps and drum takes everything to the next level. In an unfinished basement it’s usually no problem, and you can even build in a window and appropriate sight lines so people can play live in multiple rooms and still see each-other.

But, others can choose to pass wires under the door into another room, a closet, or a laundry room, and get good results in a set-up that is easy to set-up beforehand and break down after.

10. Natural Light

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Finally, the granddaddy of power moves is if you can work natural light into the space. Choosing a room with a window, no matter how big or small, is a big thing after years and years of studios being designed with exactly zero windows for sound-proofing purposes. In a city this isn’t the best idea because noise will travel through the window panes, but if you’re in the suburbs or in the middle of nowhere, there is nothing better than feeling like you’re still on planet earth while recording, and not in some spaceship sealed off from reality. 



Some of these may be right for you, some may seem over-the-top. The key is finding the elements you want your home studio have and then creating the special vibe you want yours to have. Whether its sleek and clean lines, bursting with plant-life, flashing with lights, or just carpet and a comfy couch, you have the power to control the parameters of your environment when you’re in your home studio to bring the best out of the artists you work with.

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