How to Perform at Toronto’s North by Northeast Festival (NXNE)

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    Every year, thousands of people gather in Canada to witness an incredible music and entertainment event like no other. The North by Northeast festival (NXNE) has been the primary destination for people around the globe looking to have a great time and the opportunity to be up, close, and personal with their favorite artists

    Many artists, musicians, and bands would love to be involved in such an event but have little or no idea how. Fortunately, if you are a musician looking to have a breakthrough opportunity, NXNE may be just the key to unlock the doors of possibility within the music industry. Our music promotion team has put together valuable information regarding this festival so you can take advantage of everything NXNE has to offer. To learn more about our music promotion services and how we can help you take your music to the next level, contact Planetary Group today at (323) 952-5050 or contact us online.

    What is NXNE?

    North by Northeast or NXNE is an annual 10-day summer fest and conference held in Toronto, Canada. For the past 25 years, NXNE have hosted countless music luminaries as well as new, upcoming artists. This event not only offers music joy for everybody in attendance but other forms of entertainment as well. Over the years, this show has added new features such as E-sSports, Gaming, Comedy, and other amenities.

    This massive event takes place in Toronto, specifically in Yonge Dundas square, right in the heart of the city. Some of the hottest artists from Canada and the world have set foot in this event over the years. Most recently, NXNE showcased the talents of artists such as Azaleia Banks, Big Fredia, Cadence Weapons, Chvrches, New Swears, Yungblud, and many other artists.

    Can I Play at North by Northeast?

    If you have music running through your veins and are looking for the best opportunity to showcase your talents with the music community, then NXNE may be for you. While this event counts with the participation of big musical names, it still keeps showcasing new talent close to its heart.

    There is a way you and your band can land a gig in this 10-day event. It is important to know there is no submission fee for the artists, and they all get paid for their performance. To sign your band up for a review, you will need to submit an application Form with NXNE and send it to the official performance e-mail. Your application will be reviewed and considered before a final determination is made. Additionally, the official NXNE website posts submissions solicited by the event’s tastemakers for performances in NXNE Club Land. Make sure to visit NXNE’s website to make sure you don’t miss this chance.

    Are There Other Activities at NXNE?

    While music remains the heart and soul of the event, NXNE also offers other activities everybody in attendance. Some of the things you can do while attending the show include the following:


    Comedy has been an integral part of NXNE for many years. Some of the top names in comedy have made thousands of people laugh during their time at the festival. Some of the big names that have appeared at NXNE over the years include Mark Maron, Martha Chaves, Dave Foley, and many other comedians. The comedy event is held at the Comedy Tent in Yonge Street. If you want to have a great laugh and have the time of your life at NXNE, you need to hit the comedy show. Everybody can attend this three-day event show for free.


    The video game industry has changed dramatically. Just a couple of years ago nobody expected video games to bloom the way it has, especially since the introduction of professional video game competition. NXNE introduced gaming to its 10-day event to give people the opportunity to experience gaming head-on. The event is held at Toronto’s Great Hall and showcase different games that incentive competition. For instance, this past year Game Land included hot games such as Super Smash Brothers, Streetfighter, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. If you want to kick off the event with a fast-paced competition, then Game Land at NXNE is your destination.

    Whether you are looking to have a great time among friends, listening to the music-filled event, having a great laugh for hours on end, or participating in a video game competition, NXNE got you covered.

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