Best Open Mic Venues for Musicians in LA

Open mic sessions have been around for a long time. They have always been a useful (and fun) way to make a musician stand out from the crowd. Los Angeles is a city bursting with talent and every day more is added to the list. Planetary Group invites you to keep reading as we talk about some of the best open mic venues for musicians in Los Angeles, as well as some useful music promotion tips for new, up-and-coming artists.

5 Best Open Mic Spots for Musicians in Los Angeles

Open mic sessions are usually held in bars and clubs. During the session, the artist has the unique chance to share their music with the audience and connect with potential fans. Below, our radio promotion service has compiled some of our favorite open mic venues for musicians in Los Angeles.

Tribal Cafe

Tribal Cafe is located at Echo Park and offers open mic sessions seven days a week. If you are looking for a venue with an easy-to-schedule approach, Tribal Cafe is for you. To schedule your performance, go to the host’s area and book your spot for the daytime or nighttime session. There’s no need to book your performance days or weeks in advance. This is a nice place for up-and-coming artists looking to showcase their talents in a relaxed environment.

Pig’n Whistle

Pig’n Whistle is a legendary venue located in Hollywood. This famous locale had seen Hollywood heavyweights including Cary Grant and Shirley Temple, among other great luminaries. Aspiring artists can have a shot at the microphone every Wednesday and Thursday night. If you are looking for a renowned stage to perform, make Pig’n Whistle a place to visit and share your talent with the crowd.

The Gardenia Supper Club

The Gardenia Supper Club is a very well known Cabaret-style venue. It has been an excellent open mic spot for more than a decade. This venue is favored by people who love the Cabaret-style setting and enjoy fantastic music. This club has a weekly Tuesday night open mic session. If you’re looking for a venue that’s both classy and classic, then The Gardenia Supper Club may be just for you.

El Cid

El Cid is one of the oldest venues showcasing local talent. Since being established in 1963, El Cid has seen a multitude of talented artists that range from stand-up comedians to impressive musicians and singers. Every Monday night of every week, El Cid on Sunset Boulevard is the place to go if you are looking to showcase your musical talents in an elegant setting with a stage just for you.

Suzzy’s Bar & Grill Hermosa Beach

Suzzy’s Bar & Grill Hermosa Beach is a dive-like venue offering comfort food and music for all its guests. It has been an entertainment spot for everyone who wants to showcase their talents for decades. Performers make a reservation to perform, and that is all it takes to grab a spot on the open mic list. Every Tuesday, the fun begins with registration at 7:00 PM and open mic starts at 8:00 PM. If you are looking to perform in an energetic venue located in the South Bay area, this is the spot for you.

Tips for a Successful Open Mic Performance

Singing in an open mic setting can be a great way to showcase your talent and boost your exposure in front of future fans. It can also be a daunting experience – especially if you have never signed up for an open mic jam. Here are some tips to help you successfully rock your way through your session.

Don’t Go in Blind

If this is your first time attempting performing in an open mic venue, don’t simply grab a microphone before knowing what everything is about. Make sure to keep a list of local bars, dives, restaurants, and other settings where open mic sessions are held (with ours to help you get started). Visit those places to get a feel for the atmosphere, the people attending the venue, and the other performers. This will help you prepare in advance, especially in settings where you have a limited time to perform and make an impact.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you have selected the places you feel are the best to showcase your talents, make sure to practice – a lot. Most of the people frequenting open mic venues know the kind of music they like and how it is supposed to sound. You can still bring your own flavor to known classics, but to do so, you must practice. This is important for two key reasons. Number one, it gives you the confidence needed to hop on stage and perform as if the song belonged to you. Secondly, you’ll make sure to make justice to the original version of the song you are playing, and it is always great to respect the music content. However, you can also bring your original songs and share them with the crowd. Just make sure to practice, and you’ll be on your way to making a stronger first impression.

Be Professional

We cannot stress enough the importance of being professional whenever you perform. Whether you are playing in front of a small crowd or a big arena, respect for the public, your music, and other musicians is paramount in any musician’s career. If you are performing in an open mic session, try to stay until every performer has taken their turn. This way, you pay respect to other performers who, like you, are trying to make it into the music business. Besides, who knows what networking opportunities it could open up for you?

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