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    The music industry is a very competitive field. Every day, thousands of independent musicians and bands try to compete for a chance to shine in the spotlight. However, many will try and stay behind while others could be offered opportunities and make it into the big leagues.

    You may wonder what makes the difference between you and the next big thing? The answer may lie in your promotional and public relation efforts. To learn more about how public relations can help you advance in your career, call our offices today at (323) 952-5050.

    How Can PR Help Indie Bands and Musicians?

    You may be wondering what PR is and how can it help you with your musical career. Public relations (PR) as defined by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) can be characterized as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” This definition can be applied to the music industry. PR can be used as a tool to establish a beneficial relationship between an independent band, artist or musician and their public or fan base.

    More than a mere discipline used in combination with other promotional tools, public relations is a critical asset in an artist’s career. You may have heard the word “publicity” more than once throughout your career. For most artists, publicity is essential because it can boost their exposure, primarily through social media. But how is this done? A PR professional is an expert on that field and can help you achieve a new level of fame.

    PR professionals are skilled, effective communicators capable of establishing links between you and professionals in the music industry. Their responsibility lies in making sure you are in connection with key players to help you further your career. A PR professional can help you build a public relations campaign, which can cover most of the work needed to help you with your musical goals. At Planetary Group, our music promotion professionals understand how this process works and can help you wield a solid PR campaign to generate buzz around your every move.

    How Does a PR Campaign Work for an Indie Artist?

    A PR campaign is an intricate yet effective process involving a combination of research, creativity, and effective communication. More than just announcing your next big event, public relations campaigns require a tremendous amount of skill. One of the very first things a PR professional should do is research the indie artist or band he or she is building the campaign for. Knowing your personality, style, and overall image can help build an effective and comprehensive strategy.

    Additionally, a PR professional can establish a database that includes all the people relevant to your career. This includes radio station DJs, programming directors, members of the media, bloggers, and other prominent people. A PR professional will also be in charge of distributing press kits, e-mails, and other essential information to the people who may play a critical role in your career.

    PR professionals analyze all the information obtained from the beginning of your PR campaign all the way to the end. This can help understand everything surrounding your campaign in an effort to improve future efforts. At Planetary Group, we understand all the details and the process behind a successful PR campaign. Our music promotion professionals can help you create buzz around your next musical project.

    How Long Does a PR Campaign Last?

    Each indie artist and band is different. As such, they have different needs in terms of promotion and public relations. There is not a specific way to measure the length of a public relations campaign. How long your PR campaign will last will depend on your particular needs.

    For instance, there are indie bands who may need a three-month PR campaign to promote their next tour. Other independent musicians may need further assistance in terms of their campaign, requiring a six-month or year-long campaign. There are no magic recipes or one-size-fits-all approaches when it comes to public relations. Each and every independent band or artist’s promotional needs should be analyzed differently.

    Music Promotion Professionals Serving Independent Bands and Musicians in LA

    At Planetary Group, we understand how much your career means to you. That is why we dedicate ourselves to offering nothing but high-quality music promotion services to all of our independent band and musician clients. Thanks to our many years in the music industry, we can build strategic, effective promotional campaigns tailor-made to fit all your needs. Aside from offering professional PR services, our music promotion company can also help with radio promotion, online promotion, festival and event promos, consulting, and more.

    Let our experience, commitment, dedication, and drive help you reach your goals. To learn more about all of our services and how we can help you with your next musical project, call Planetary Group today at (323) 952-5050.

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