Music Promotion for Unsigned Bands


Back in the day, even as recently as the 10s, record labels big and small had a vicelike grip on the music industry and served, along with the radio and MTV, as tastemakers who controlled whose music got heard widely and whose was more locally based. Now with the rise of online streaming and apps such as TikTok, an unsigned band can go viral in a month or overnight.


These days, with Instagram, YouTube, and TIkTok bringing thousands of new bands and songs to the masses on a daily basis, being in an unsigned band isn’t a stain on your career, a sign of being passed over, but instead a HUGE ADVANTAGE.

Because of these new avenues to exchange music and peers, you are no longer reliant on a record label, who essentially will own all your material, your name, and (yes) your likeness, to help you. You won’t be saddled with possible debt and won’t be told you can’t play a show you want to play or that a song you just wrote and love isn’t right for your next album.

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This is great news! But it still means you need a team to help promote you in order to get your work in front of the right people.


Once you write your song(s), practice and get the group tight, and then record your single or EP, you’ll need to get your music out there. And although you’ll no doubt upload your music to the streaming services via a distribution website, your music can only go so far sitting amongst millions of others in the cloud.

In order to get your music to a wider audience, a promotional plan across platforms, including but not limited to: online ads, playlist placements, radio airplay campaigns, and more.

Results driven, properly planned and placed promotion is the first step in bringing any unsigned band to the next level, and is often the difference between a great band of musicians and a great band of musicians people know about.

At Planetary Group, we have over twenty years of experience promoting some of the best artists in the world. We have continued to grow and rethink our approaches as the industry has changed over the past few decades in real time. We work with all the services, we know real people in the places that can help get your music to a whole new level of exposure.

In this era, the label doesn’t make the band, the songs, personality of the band, and the proper distribution and promotion get the job done. Now is a great time to take advantage of this quickpaced, super-creative time period, and get your songs heard by music hungry the masses.

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At Planetary Group, we specialize in promoting unsigned bands. Our experts can assist in the following ways:

RADIO PROMO: We listen to your music and make recommendations. Then we promote it to national college radio, AAA, non-commercial, NPR, public radio and commercial-specialty shows. There is no genre we can’t bring to the masses, and working with unsigned bands is one of our specialties.

INTERNATIONAL: Not in the US? No problem, we offer our services on a case by case, tailor-made basis to clients outside of America. Depending on different goals and different geographical areas of focus we can help you:

– Broaden your audience.
– Be heard by radio stations.
– Earn recognition and coverage from media outlets, industry professionals, and record labels.

Want to break out in the US? We can help promote you in the places your music will hit hardest and consult to help you promote along tour routes and pitch interviews, sessions, and ticket giveaways for supporting stations in tour markets.

DIGITAL MARKETING: We get your music to online publishers of magazines, newspapers, free weeklies, websites, blogs, podcasts, and online radio. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new band just starting, we can help you begin a ubiquitous presence online across all social media starting now.

CONSULTING: We don’t just get you the press, we can help you learn how to best operate within the music press and learn the best strategies for making the most of social media, radio appearances, promotional events, and more.

We’re just an email or a phone call away. Get in touch with our experienced team at Planetary Group to find out how you can boost your online presence and increase your fan base. You can give us a call in at (323) 952-5050.


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