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Planetary Group takes a custom approach for each and every artist we work with. Take a look at the services we provide and let us help your band reach the next level in your musical career.

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Radio Promo

Whether you’re an established artist or just recorded your first song we can help get your music heard.

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Online Promo

We help you to earn real public interest from interviews, reviews, previews and so much more.

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Our approach isn’t cookie cutter – let our team coach you to create an effective publicity campaign.

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Events/Festival Promo

Get your music to the masses, we work to get you at big events and festivals.

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Is your international band looking to get airplay in the USA? We can help expand your fanbase.

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What Can a PR Company Do for Your Band?

What Can a PR Company Do for Your Band?

A public relations company can help a band in many ways, all of which culminate in more attention being brought to the music you create. By using different media channels, including radio and online promotion, publicists can get their clients in the public eye so that...

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How to Get Your Music on the Radio

How to Get Your Music on the Radio

One of the main questions every artist has on their mind is, “How can I get my music to play on the radio?” And understandably so. After all, this is the dream of every artist: to let their fans hear their musical creations and break into the competitive music...

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