Planetary Group Reviews the Top Music Festivals of 2019

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    2018 have been an excellent year for all music enthusiasts. As the end of the year approaches, its possible you reminisce about all the fun and memories made across 2018’s amazing musical run. However, the end of the year also promises new and exciting opportunities to experience new and exciting music festivals.

    You may wonder which music festival may be the right one for you for the year 2019. Our music production professionals at Planetary Group have prepared the following list reviewing the top music festivals you should experience during 2019. To learn more about our music promotion services and how we can help you with your next musical project, call Planetary Group today at (323) 952-5050.

    What Are the Top Music Festivals of 2019?

    This upcoming year, fans will get the opportunity to select from a wide variety of music events. There are, however, several music fests you should keep an eye for in 2019. Here are the top music festivals for 2019.


    Coachella is one of the most significant music events in America. Since its inception in 1999, Coachella Valley and Arts Festival has seen millions of fans gather together in a massive music venue. People from all over the world travel to this event hoping to see their favorite artists. The two-weekend event hosts a wide array of artists. This year, the musical event hosted more than 700,000 people who enjoyed all the music this unique event offered. Some of the artists who performed during Coachella 2018 included Beyoncé, Eminem, and The Weekend. If you are looking to have a music experience that will blow your mind, Coachella is right for you.


    If you are looking for a music fest that showcases some of the best talents around the country, Lollapalooza is right for you. Chicago is the host for this widely-known event. The show included performances from artists such as Bruno Mars, The Weekend, Grant Park, and many other artists. This event attracts music fans from all over the world looking to have an experience that lasts a lifetime worth of memories. If you are looking for fun, ear-popping sound, and over-the-top high-end music, Lollapalooza is the perfect music fest for you.

    South by Southwest (SXSW)

    SXSW is a big event that includes film, music, interactive media, and other activities held every year in Texas. While it offers a bit of everything, their music venue is one thousands of people look forward to every year. Unlike many other festivals, SXSW lasts for an entire week. This festival attracts industry professionals, artists, and music fans from around the world. This event gives music enthusiasts the opportunity to see different artists throughout Austin, Texas. This festival serves as a platform for artists looking to expand their presence in within the music industry. If you are looking to enjoy a week-long musical experience, make sure to be part of SXSW.

    The Governors Ball

    The Governors Ball is a three-day musical event gathering thousands of music fans in Randall Island, New York. The multi-day event offers a wide range of music genres including rock, electronic music, hip-hop, and other music styles. Some of the artists that have showcased their talents in this festivals include Eminem, Jack White, Travis Scott, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and other artists. If you are a music enthusiast looking for a festival that combines different musical elements, genres, and styles, The Governors Ball has you covered.

    Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas (EDC)

    EDC is one of the most known electronic music events in the U.S and abroad. Every year, thousands of people travel to Las Vegas to be part of this colorful event. During EDC’s three-day event, people have the opportunity to listen to some of the top electronic music performers. The artist who have showcased their talents at EDC include the likes of Armin Van Buren, Diplo, Tiësto, and many other artists. If you are looking for an eye-pleasing, over-the-top sound and the latest and greatest in the electronic music scene, EDC is the right music festival for you.

    Selecting between these and more musical venues will depend on your particular musical taste. However, the events mentioned above offers something for anybody looking to have a memorable, out-of-this-world experience.

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