4 Reasons Why Musicians Still Need An Email Mailing List In 2022

These days, the vast majority of people spend their time promoting everything they do on social media, and that’s a good idea. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like are excellent ways to get the word out that you have a new song, video, or debut album coming, or perhaps that your store has been restocked or that you’re performing at a show and tickets are still available. But, just because one thing is working well, that doesn’t mean it’s all you should stick to.

Email newsletters seem to be on their way out, and many up-and-coming artists simply don’t bother including them in their marketing efforts. This may be trendy, and what some of the “cooler” acts are choosing to do, but it’s not a good idea. In fact, failing to find the time to create a list, keep it up-to-date, and write fun and engaging newsletters is simply leaving money on the table.

Here are four reasons why you should be investing in email newsletters, even today.

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Every Bit Of Communication Helps

People who have been working in marketing for years know that it’s not enough to craft an excellent message and deliver it where the intended audience is watching, listening, or reading. Real success is found by reaching the desired group more than once. This is why when a major brand has a new ad campaign, it feels like you see it everywhere, all the time. Watching a commercial once is nice, but several viewings helps the average person remember it more, and that’s what marketers really want.

As someone trying to sell something—yourself and your music—it’s a good idea that you borrow tips and tricks from marketers who get paid the big bucks to deliver results for billion-dollar brands. If it works for them, why shouldn’t you do the same thing? Every opportunity you have to connect with those you’re trying to reach, do so! Don’t stick to one platform or a single message. Any extra effort you can pour into getting the important word out to those who matter should be taken, especially at the beginning stages of your career.

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A More Direct Way To Reach People

Many of the most common ways artists promote themselves and their work aren’t quite as direct as they might appear. Posting announcements on social media is wonderful, but those images and messages won’t reach everyone. In fact, even if you have 1,000 followers on Instagram and you upload the cover of your new album, don’t count on all 1,000 of them seeing it. The same thought process needs to go into music advertising on any online platform. Just because someone was served a visual or text-based ad, that doesn’t mean it sunk in, or even that they caught it at all.

Email newsletters are a far more direct way of communicating with your audience. Instead of putting something onto the internet and hoping a large audience will see it, these missives have you delivering a message right to someone’s personal inbox. Sure, those spaces have become more crowded than ever, and it is becoming incredibly difficult to get anyone to open a promotional email, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.



When someone identifies themselves as a serious fan of you and what you do, you need to do everything you can to sell to them. Don’t think of this as taking advantage of those who love you, but rather giving people who have told you they like you and your work as many opportunities to support you as possible.

Creating and managing an email newsletter allows you to reach those special fans in one more way. They might already be following you on social media, and they could know you in real life, or perhaps not. You shouldn’t expect your listeners and the people who attend your concerts to catch every post online, so put in the work to ensure they hear about your upcoming tours, new merch and more music.

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Longform Can Be Helpful

Music promotion on social media may be how the vast majority of musicians promote their work (and that’s great!), but sites like Instagram and Twitter aren’t great for sharing more than one piece of information, and they certainly aren’t the best option when it comes to anything that requires real explanation. If you have four pieces of good news you want your fans to hear—a new single dropping tomorrow, a concert in a week, new t-shirts in the online store and a tease of your forthcoming album—that would require you to post four times (at least) on social media. You can do that, but what are the chances everyone who follows you will see all of those individual items?

An email newsletter lets you put all that information in one place, allowing for easy consumption among those who really care. The format also removes any real concern about space of character count. Feel free to dive into what a song means to you, post all the dates of an upcoming run of shows, or simply write a thank you to the person reading for supporting you. 

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