Get More Spotify Streams

Ready to turn up the volume on your Spotify streams? Whether you’re a rising star or a shower-singing sensation, streaming platforms like Spotify and its competitors can take you from unnoticed to unmissable in the world of streaming. 

From snagging a verified artist badge that’ll make your tunes shine like gold records to mastering the art of playlist pitching that’ll have listeners hitting repeat, we’ve got the backstage pass to Spotify success.

So, tune in and let’s groove through the top tips and tricks to give your music the spotlight it truly deserves! 


In This Article:

  • Upload Your Music
  • Claim your Spotify for Artists Profile
  • Promote Your Music Everywhere
  • Pitch Official Spotify Playlists
  • Link To Spotify Everywhere
  • Use Spotify’s Tools
  • Don’t Buy Fake Streams


Upload Your Music

Getting your music on Spotify is the first crucial step towards increasing your streams–obviously! Numerous music distribution companies offer affordable options to help you get your tracks on the platform efficiently. Choose a reputable distribution service that aligns with your needs and budget.

Once your music is live, ensure that your artist profile is complete and accurately represents your brand. This will help listeners connect with your music and identity, leading to more engaged streaming.


Claim your Spotify for Artists Profile

Verifying your artist profile on Spotify brings a host of benefits. Not only does it lend an air of authenticity to your presence, but it also opens up opportunities to enhance your engagement with fans and the platform itself.

By claiming your Spotify for Artists profile, you gain access to valuable analytics, which offer insights into your audience demographics and streaming patterns. Utilize this information to tailor your promotional strategies and refine your music’s appeal. Also, a verified profile allows you to pitch your songs to Spotify’s official playlists, increasing your chances of reaching a wider audience–but more on that in a minute.

Spotify is key to reaching new audiences, but studies show that radio promotion is great for new musicians looking to find listeners!


Promote Your Music Everywhere

Music Promotion is key to expanding your Spotify streams. Beyond the digital world, consider collaborating with industry professionals to secure radio airplay and features in prominent blogs, magazines, and newspapers. Music PR can be the ticket to taking your career to the next level.

Crafting a comprehensive social media music campaign is essential to maximize your reach. Create engaging content that resonates with your target audience, including behind-the-scenes glimpses, teaser videos, and interactive posts. Social media platforms provide a direct channel to connect with fans, generating excitement and anticipation around your music releases.


Pitch Official Spotify Playlists

Once your Spotify for Artists profile is verified, it’s time to submit your music for consideration in Spotify’s official playlists. These playlists often boast substantial followings, offering exposure to a wide range of potential listeners. Crafting music that aligns with the playlist’s theme or mood can increase your chances of being selected. Even securing one playlist placement can lead to a significant surge in streams, helping you establish a more substantial presence on the platform.


Link To Spotify Everywhere

Make it effortless for your audience to find and stream your music by including Spotify links across all your online profiles. Whether it’s your social media pages, website, or newsletters, incorporating direct links to your artist profile encourages seamless engagement. Encourage your fans to explore your music on Spotify, and consider creating exclusive content or incentives for those who engage with your tracks on the platform.

Since you always need to be working on social media music promotion more, we can help you with that.


Use Spotify’s Tools

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Exploit the arsenal of tools provided by Spotify for Artists to optimize your presence on the platform. These tools empower you to enhance your music promotion efforts and gain deeper insights into your audience. Utilize Spotify’s ad-building platform to create targeted campaigns that reach potential listeners who share characteristics with your existing fan base. Learning to harness these tools effectively can lead to heightened engagement and increased streams over time.


Don’t Buy Fake Streams

While it might be tempting to inflate your stream count with purchased fake streams, this strategy can ultimately backfire. Spotify’s algorithms are designed to detect fraudulent activity, and artificially boosting your stream numbers could result in negative consequences, including penalties or removal from the platform.

Instead, focus on organic growth by implementing the strategies mentioned above. Genuine interactions and authentic engagement will yield more sustainable and meaningful results, enhancing your credibility and expanding your listener base.

If you’re getting ready for the next chapter of your musical career, give Planetary a call and we can talk about how to get your music heard! (323) 952-5050