4 Tips To Gain Followers On Twitter For Musicians

Of all the social media platforms that musicians should be using, Twitter is perhaps the most helpful. The site allows anyone to share pictures, videos and text, and these days it has become a catch-all for news, media, gossip, conversation, memes and everything in between. Artists at the top of their game can often do nothing but post what they like and go, occasionally checking in to like what some superfans have said, or possibly even to reply, which usually makes the day of the listener on the other end of the chat.

Up-and-coming acts have to work a bit harder to get noticed and succeed on Twitter, but it provides a space for them to not just promote their own work, but also to begin connecting with those who may become fans in the future. Social media is, after all, meant to be social, and that’s an aspect to it that some artists fail to address. Going viral, becoming popular on Twitter and racking up an impressive follower count is good for a number of reasons, but paramount among them is the fact that the more people who are interacting with you, the more they’ll see when you do talk about your work, and that can only help you.

Here are some tips you can use to gain new followers on Twitter, which is just one important step in the journey to becoming a well-known musician. Want some help on that journey? That’s what the digital marketing team at Planetary does best!


In This Article

  • Show Your Personality
  • Engage With Fans and Friends
  • Reach Out To Non-Followers
  • Use Hashtags


Show Your Personality

Conversations about how to handle social media and online marketing for musicians are fraught with warnings about going too far, being inappropriate or offending others. These are definitely important concerns, and while anyone attempting to court the interest of others on the internet should be cognizant regarding what they post, they also shouldn’t be afraid to, well, be a real person.

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The only accounts that perform well on social media, be they musicians, influencers, brands or beyond, are the ones that have a personality. They can be funny, crass, irreverent, topical, right-wing or completely insane. In the end, whatever direction you choose to go in, you just have to make sure it’s one you are comfortable with, that you want to stick with and that it is you.

Don’t be afraid to make jokes, to have a point of view, to comment on the news of the day or to have feelings and thoughts about anything. 

You have a personality, a point of view and a great social media following. Now let the Planetary Group make the masses hear your music.


Engage With Fans and Friends

Yes, social media is a fantastic music promotion tool for anyone looking to sell something (which, as a musician, is you), but that’s not all it is. Too many artists do nothing but post updates and links on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, telling those who already follow them what’s happening in their musical careers. That’s a good idea, but if it’s all you’re doing, there will be a fairly small group of people who are interested in following you…and soon they might not even be interested in that. 

You need to engage! Don’t just post and go! Start liking people’s comments. Respond when they say something to you. Follow others and go out of your way to reply to what they’re saying as well. This makes you much more active on the site, which Twitter recognizes as a good thing, and it will endear you to those you engage with.

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Reach Out To Non-Followers

You should absolutely be spending a lot of time chatting with those who already follow you, as they are self-identified fans. They are the ones who will surely support you the most throughout your career, but they’re not the only ones who matter! Having some fans who adore you and what you do is great, but social media provides a unique opportunity to reach out to complete strangers and possibly win them over. 

As you browse Twitter, start engaging with people you don’t know at all and who don’t know you. You can find them through those you do follow, or possibly via more famous accounts. Don’t be creepy about it, but share your comment underneath a post by a celebrated musician, or jump on a trending topic or a tweet that’s doing very well and begin conversations with complete strangers. Try not to make it too promotional—just…talk!


Use Hashtags

Hashtags are tricky to learn, as may people avoid them entirely, while others overuse them. If you don’t incorporate them into your Twitter strategy at all, you’re missing out, but if you abuse them, Twitter’s algorithm will count that as a strike against you. 

When you’re looking to meet new people, forge connections and accrue new followers, hashtags can be very useful. Be smart about the ones you include in your own posts, as they may help others find you. Also, start looking some up that are in-line with your interests or perhaps related to what you do as a musician. Then, start browsing. Is anyone saying anything interesting? If so, follow the steps above and get in on the conversation. You never know what you’ll discover out there on the wild web, and you might soon find yourself attracting new fans to your page, who will then give your work a listen.

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