6 Instagram Story Features Artists Should Be Using – And How They Can Be Useful

Instagram has emerged as perhaps the most important and valuable social media network for musicians. It’s one of the most popular apps in the world, and many users spend long stretches of time on the platform, so it’s vital that you not just have a presence, but are active, engaging, and use everything available to you in order to make the most of the opportunities it provides.

Instagram is sort of like two social media platforms in one, as there’s the main feed and the stories section of everyone’s profile. Instagram stories only last for 24 hours, but they have become incredibly popular–one estimate suggests that half a billion people use that area of IG every day.

You can share videos, photos, or text into your Instagram story, and the platform has also introduced a number of features throughout the years that enhance the viewing and posting experience. If you’re not familiar with what’s available, check out these add-ons, which may prove to be very helpful as you grow your music career. Also check out our top Instagram PR tips for musicians if you want more info on how best to use this platform to you ad your band’s advantage.

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Of all the features Instagram offers, this may very well be the most important, and the most useful. Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram doesn’t offer many opportunities for users to connect their content to outside sources. That’s a bit frustrating for those who are using the site to promote something, but there is one section of the app where linking is possible.

Users can add a simple link button in their Instagram story, connecting whatever they post to another website. So, whether the content is created specifically to fit the Instagram story dimensions or even if something posted in the main feed is shared into the disappearing stories, a link can be included that directs viewers to your website, an article, or any other social site.

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Mentions bring other users into the conversation, which is great, since social media is meant to be, you know, social. Post whatever you like in your Instagram story and use the mention feature to tag another profile. These can be fans you love, other artists whose work you enjoy, bands you’re touring with, venues you’re playing at, singers, songwriters, or producers you’ve collaborated with…you name it.

Mentioning others shows that you aren’t creating and working in a silo, and gives those you tag a tiny release of dopamine, as they get a bit of recognition. Also, there’s a chance they’ll reshare the content they are mentioned in into their Instagram story. That means your content reaches a new audience, which is always good news!



The questions feature allows you to essentially run an AMA–Ask Me Anything. It’s nothing more than a field where your followers can type in whatever question they’ve been dying to know the answer to. You can then choose which ones to reply to, sharing the responses publicly, as no one can see the questions but you.

This is a fun way to get fans involved and interact with them. You can do this from time to time when you’re bored, traveling, or have a few moments. When you reply to a follower’s query publicly, they may not be identified, but they still feel special, and you get the word out about new music, tour dates, your process, and whatever else they want to know.

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The polls feature can be utilized from time to time when you need the input of fans. Maybe you’re deciding which song to release as a single or which tune to film a music video for next. You could be deciding which cities to play next, or perhaps what designs deserve to be turned into merch. You write the question and supply the possible answers in a multiple choice situation. Polling your audience ensures that whatever track you choose, it was at least partially informed by what your customer base actually wants.

ig poll - 6 Instagram Story Features Artists Should Be Using - And How They Can Be Useful



Have something big coming up? Get your fans excited with Instagram’s countdown feature! Post something into your story and add the “end date,” and the platform will automatically create a countdown that shows how much time is left before you drop an album, song, video, or perhaps a surprise.

This is helpful when you’re trying to hype up a major release of some kind. You’ll surely be mentioning the street date over and over in your social content, but actually showing everyone how long they have to wait can be a different way of ensuring those who matter most really understand what’s coming (and how soon its arrival may be).



This feature isn’t quite as useful as the others, but it’s a fun little add-on to the occasional picture or video, so why not know about it? If you’ve arrived in a new city for a show, or perhaps you’re recording in a legendary studio, tag it in your Instagram story! It’s rare that your audience will “need” to know where you are at any given moment, but the feature does provide another way to remind your audience that you’re playing a show tonight or working on new material.

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