Artist Spotlight: Megan Brickwood

What’s up? Megan here. I’m talking to Planetary Group as part of an artist spotlight series. So, let’s do it.


Planetary Group: Tell us about your latest release. How did you come to create it?

Megan: “You’ll Never Find a Girl Like Me” is a classic breakup-heartbreak song about getting rejected. It came together pretty organically and actually kind of belatedly from a couple experiences that I’d had. It’s a song about trying to build yourself back up after someone breaks you down and makes you feel not so good about yourself. It’s trying to have a “your loss” kind of attitude. It’s easier said than done but always worth trying!


PG: Share a bit about your musical journey, from when you first started making music until now.

Megan: My journey as a musician has been interesting, and it’s changed lot over the years. I started out as a classical singer, and so the next step from that was to start writing on piano, which I’ve played since I was a kid. So I wrote and played that way for some time as an alternative singer-songwriter. I played with a band, was based in LA for a while, and then I connected with Ryan Hadlock up at Bear Creek in the Washington area. I came up here a couple years ago to record my EP Fifth Mile, which is out! (Yay!) And I fell in love with the area and met some really great people, so I decided to relocate. I moved up here just a couple weeks ago!

I really have gotten more interested in acoustic guitar and finger stylings, so over time my music style has become more folk and Americana based, and I’m interested in exploring that further.


PG: Let’s talk about the music that you love…

Megan:  Some of my biggest musical inspirations are the ones you’d expect. Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake are big influences for me, and I also really love The Dead Tongues and Neko Case… and love Fleet Foxes and Lord Huron, specifically in my kind of genre… but I love all kinds of music, and I love being inspired by new artists! I’ve just been listening to Patti Smith a whole bunch this week actually, she’s great.


PG: What do you want people to take away from your music?

Megan: What do I want people to take away from my music? Anything you want! I hope that it inspires people, maybe comforts them sometimes. I hope it makes you feel less alone at times. I hope you take away from it whatever you need.


PG: What’s next up for you?

Megan: What’s up next for me? I just relocated to Seattle, so working on building a home base here. I have 5 more songs that were recently recorded at Bear Creek, and so I’ll be working on putting those together into an album, hopefully doing some new video work, and then planning that release soon! So we’ll see!

Thanks to Megan for speaking with us! Watch the video for “Trinity River Blues” from her 2023 EP Fifth Mile below: