How Do I Get My Song on Spotify?

The primary way that music is consumed today is through streaming services, the most prolific of which is Spotify. The accessibility of Spotify makes it appealing to both listeners and artists. Artists that are trying to gain attention and grow their fanbase should not only get their music on Spotify but also learn how to make the most of the streaming platform so that fans can listen to it. Continue reading to learn more about how to put your songs on Spotify, how your career can benefit from streaming services, how you can make the most of your relationship with Spotify, and how Los Angeles music promotion agency Planetary Group can help you get the music career you want.

Getting Your Song on Spotify

Music can only be put on Spotify through a label or a Spotify-accepted aggregator. If you band has a label, then that label will likely take care of all of the work necessary to get your music on Spotify. If your band doesn’t have a label, you can still use a notable and commonly used aggregator such as TuneCore, DistroKid, Ditto, LANDR, and CDBaby. These aggregators will charge a fee from artists (or a percentage of the royalties that artists earn from Spotify) in exchange for the opportunity to add some or all of their music to Spotify.

After their music has been accepted to Spotify, artists will have to set up a Spotify account. This account will include their name, genre, tour information, and a short biography. Once an artist acquires 250 followers, they will be eligible to acquire verified status. After that, artists will be able to use a service known as Rovi to upload an image of themselves. At that point, an artist will be ready to fully participate in Spotify!

How Using Spotify Can Help You Promote Your Songs

Over 75 million people use Spotify to listen to music. Making your music accessible on Spotify is beneficial to artists because, at the very least, it allows listeners to hear it! Once your music is on Spotify, you can find ways to connect your music with people who might be interested in hearing it by getting your music included on certain playlists. In a lot of ways, Spotify is more of a social media platform than a music streaming app.

However, the most important reason that Spotify is beneficial to artists is that artists get paid when their music is listened to. Spotify only keeps 30% of its revenue — the other 70% goes to labels, publishers, distributors, and, most importantly, artists.

Many factors determine how much artists can get paid for each listen to their songs—these factors include the country that the song is being streamed from, whether the listener is a paid user or a free user, and the artist’s predetermined royalty rate.

Given all of these factors, the average amount that an artist is paid each time someone listens to one of their songs on Spotify is between $0.006 and $0.008, according to estimations.  This may seem like an extremely low number, but, given the millions of people that use Spotify every day, it adds up quickly.

How to Boost Plays on Spotify with Certain Features

Simply putting your music on Spotify and leaving it there is usually not enough to gain success, even if it is one of the best tools for modern online music promotion strategy. In order to reap the full benefits of having music hosted on Spotify, artists have to participate and actively find ways to expose their music to new audiences. The following are tips that can help bands take full advantage of the streaming platform.

Get Included on Playlists

Many Spotify listeners use playlists to help them find new music to listen to, so it only makes sense for bands to do what they can to get their music included in playlists.

One way to do this is to create your own playlists with the help of other bands. Curate playlists that include your own music as well as the music of other bands similar to yours, then encourage other people to share it widely. Or, ask people who make or influence popular playlists to add some of your music to their playlists. This kind of exposure increases your band’s likelihood of getting the attention of online music promotion channels or radio promotion channels.

Another way to get your music included on playlists that people listen to when they’re seeking new music is to contact Spotify and ask them to include your music on one of their specially curated playlists. You can do this by logging into your Spotify for Artists account, selecting the song that you want to be included on one of Spotify’s playlists, entering some information about it, and then waiting for an email from Spotify.

Make the Most of Spotify’s Play Button

You can add a widget to a website that allows visitors to play your Spotify music without having to leave the site! Add it to your website to make it easy for people to hear your music.

Use Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allow musicians to make ads that are tailored specifically to demographics that are most likely to be interested in their music. You can include a link that goes directly to your Spotify page in an ad, for instance, making it easy for anyone who sees it to hear your music from anywhere in the world.

Los Angeles Online Music Promotion Agency Serving Artists and Bands

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