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    Our brains and attention spans are inundated with media of all types and are becoming more so all the time. As someone with a band, you work hard to create good music, but understanding how to access theses various media channels may be difficult. Allow a publicist to not only identify the audiences that you should be reaching but to make a plan about how to access them.

    The experienced publicists at Planetary Group in Los Angeles are ready to help you and your band penetrate the swiftly moving media marketplace. Get in touch with them soon.  You can reach them by calling (323) 952-5050 or by checking out their website.

    What a Publicist Can Do for Your Band

    The main job of a publicist is to spread information among the public through unpaid or unearned channels. This may happen by writing press releases, speeches, blog posts, or social media posts. It could also happen by holding special events or launches. Most of the job of a publicist, however, entails cultivating close and intimate relationships with members of the media, which may be editors, writers, bloggers, designers, producers, radio DJs, TV hosts, podcasters, and other gatekeepers.

    These relationships are leveraged to make sure that clients’ stories get told in the appropriate places so that the intended audiences can be reached. A publicist can also help you create a press kit—photos, a short bio, social media channels, and press clips—that can be distributed to media representatives that they would like to work with.

    Publicists specialize in tailoring their public relations methods to the products and endeavors of their clients, which may be a tour or event, a new release, merchandise, or other products. Much of the work of a publicist is centered around campaigns, which will precede a certain aspect of a band’s work and will last for a pre-determined amount of time.

    Bands can benefit from the use of a publicist by saving time that they can use to focus on creating their music. A publicist can help a band identify which audiences to reach, make a plan to get your music to them, and then implement and execute that plan. They can use their knowledge of timelines and content production cycles to make sure that their clients’ music is heard by the audiences that will most appreciate it.

    Planetary Group’s Publicist Services

    The publicists at Planetary Group have spent their lengthy careers building the experience that allows them to create results for their clients. While the publicists at Planetary Group are skilled at all aspects of public relations, there are certain areas in which they have specialized knowledge. Those areas are detailed below.

    Radio Promotion

    The Planetary Group’s publicists are exceptionally skilled at getting airplay for their clients. They can create either national or regional radio campaigns that are made to target the outlets that are most appropriately suited for the music your band makes. The publicists at Planetary Group are also able to set up band interviews with radio stations, or even just request feedback on your music from radio DJs. The Planetary Group specializes is working with college radio stations, adult album alternative (AAA), and commercial-specialty shows.

    Online Promotion

    Online media is ever-present and constantly changing. The publicists at Planetary Group understand the intricacies of the media landscape and use their expertise to get coverage of their clients. This can in the form of a write-ups in online newspapers, magazines, or websites, or it can mean being featured on podcasts, online radio shows, or blogs.

    International Promotion

    The Planetary Group understands the needs of international artists. We can help bands—no matter what part of the Earth you hail from—get the attention and reach that is necessary to take their career to the next level. We focus on certain aspects of public relations when it comes to international bands: determining the best timing for tours and releases, getting booked in major events and festivals, being interviewed on important radio stations, and applying for financial grants.


    Dealing with the media can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be with the help of The Planetary Group’s media training and consulting specialists. Publicists that work with The Planetary Group can transfer their media skills to their clients. We can teach bands how to deal with members of the press so that they can make every press opportunity count.

    Tour/Event Promotion

    The Planetary Group prides itself on its ability to plan and promote tours for our clients. We can do tours all over the world for bands that create any genre of music.

    Publicists for Bands in Los Angeles

    Bands of all genres and levels of fame can benefit from the assistance of the experienced publicists at The Planetary Group. Throughout the course of our existence, The Planetary Group has worked with a varied and distinguished list of clients, and we’d like to work with you, too. Take the time to talk to us today. Reach us on the phone at (323) 952-5050 or online through our website.

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