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    The introduction of the blogging platforms that dot the Internet today opened the doors for many people to establish themselves as go-to sources for music analysis. However, it also opened the door for misinformation and sensationalism. How can you be sure you are tuning into the best music blog out there? While the answer to this question lies within the realm of “what you like best,” Planetary Group has made a list of some of the best music blogs you can visit for all things music. We invite you to keep reading as we list some of the best blogs by music genre.

    What Are the Best Music Blogs?

    One of the greatest things about music is its diversity. Music is universal; it transcends the barriers of space to move the hearts and souls of millions of people around the world. The presence of different music styles and genres has made the segmentation of the market possible. This is especially true on the Internet, where music blogs dedicate themselves to discussing the latest and greatest artists. From rock, pop, and jazz to electronic, hip hop, and classical, you can find it all almost instantly by performing a quick search online.

    However, how do you determine which blog works best for you? Are there any specific characteristics you should look for to determine the best online source of music info? There are hundreds if not thousands of blogs dedicated to covering music. The general rule is to find the blog that “feels right” for you, the one that speaks to you the best. However, there are indeed some sites that stand out over others. Here are some of the best music blogs, divided by genre:

    Blues Blogs

    If you enjoy the melodic, rich tones of a good blues tune, don’t miss these blogs:

    • American Blues Scene
    • Blues Blast Magazine
    • The Blues Blogger
    • The Blues Foundation
    • Roots N Blues N BBQ

    Classical Music Blogs

    Whether you are a fan of big, over-the-top orchestral arrangements or prefer a light, soothing string concerto, make sure to visit these blogs:

    • BBC Music Magazine (
    • The Violin Channel
    • Classical Connect
    • JDCMB
    • The Rest is Noise

    Country Music Blogs

    From Blake Shelton to Rascal Flatts, these blogs will keep you up to date with your favorite country music artists:

    • CMT
    • Taste of Country
    • Sounds Like Nashville
    • The Boot
    • Saving Country Music

    EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Blogs

    For all die-hard, pumped-up music lovers out there, these EDM blogs showcase the best in electronic music:

    • Dancing Astronaut
    • Your EDM
    • EDM Tunes
    • Noise Porn
    • Mixmag

    Folk Music Blogs

    If you are a fan of music performed by more acoustic-minded musicians such as Ben Harper, Bob Dylan, and Guy Clark, these blogs are right for you:

    • STW
    • Twangville
    • For Folk’s Sake
    • Folk Alley
    • Folk Radio UK

    Hip Hop and Rap Blogs

    The world of hip hop and rap keeps evolving as more diverse artists join the genre. These blogs are dedicated to showcasing the best hip hop and rap out there today:

    • All HipHop
    • The Boombox
    • HipHop DX
    • The Source
    • Hot 97

    Jazz Blogs

    If you are a fan of complex music arrangements full of improvisation and originality, these jazz blogs are perfect for you:

    • JazzWax
    • Jazz Lives
    • London Jazz
    • Music for All
    • Free Jazz

    Rock Blogs

    Rock ‘n’ roll has been extremely popular for decades. If you are a fan of mind-blowing licks and insanely fast shredding, these blogs have got you covered:

    • Ultimate Classic Rock
    • Rock Sound
    • Loudwire
    • Planet Rock
    • Uncut Magazine

    Why Are Music Blogs Important?

    The importance of music blogs can be divided into two points of view: the fans’ perspective and the artists’ perspective.

    Blogs from a Fan’s Perspective

    From a fan’s point of view, music blogs are an essential source of information. Many of these forums offer great interviews, music releases, video clips, live shows, concert tickets, and other perks. The best part is, these blogs are available 24/7. Their format may vary, but blogs are continually updated with new and interesting content.

    Blogs from a Musician’s Perspective

    From a musician’s standpoint, music blogs offer a unique opportunity for exposure. Since many blogs are dedicated to a particular genre, artists can use these forums to appeal to a specific segment of listeners and build a solid fan base. Additionally, like other mediums such as radio, blogs can be used to generate hype, market recent projects, and build buzz around upcoming shows and events.

    Music blogs not only help keep the music going continuously, but they are also an excellent promotional tool for both local and international artists. At Planetary Group, we can help you understand how the whole process works and how you can take advantage of this exciting medium.

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    For almost 20 years, Planetary Group has worked with artists from all over the globe. We have served musicians from local indie bands to international superstars and everything in between. Some of the services we offer include radio promotion, online publicity, international promotion, and other expert services. To learn more about all we can offer and how we will help you with your next musical project, call Planetary Group today at (323) 952-5050.

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