Planetary is Accepting Intern Applications!

Looking for a career in the music industry? Living in Los Angeles and not sure where to start? An internship at Planetary Group can help you get the experience you need and make connections to do just that!

Read below to apply…

Intern Requirements:

We require interns with a tenacity and desire to work within the music industry. Organization, excellent writing skills, and a comprehensive view and understanding of how the internet relates to the music business are all qualities that will significantly give a student a more valuable experience. Basic web/computer understanding is a must and basic html/css knowledge is appreciated, but not required. Lastly, we are a music company so an passion for music is mandatory!The Planetary Group internship requires attendance in our Hollywood office at least one full day per week and ideally 2-3 days. No remote internships will be offered. Our interns’ days are from 9:30-5:30 or 10-6. While we can be flexible with scheduling, we find that this general schedule is the most beneficial for the learning experience.

Description of Internship:
The interns in the online publicity department of Planetary Group will find the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience–no getting coffee! New interns will spend a lot of their time researching blogs, magazines, newspapers, and artists, becoming familiar with music sites what they’re currently covering. Those that prove they are capable of handling more complex tasks will then help us with creating press releases, writing bios, and pitching our clients to writers, among other tasks.

The interns in our radio department will become familiar with the process of getting our artists airplay on radio stations by assisting with research on bands, entering data from radio charts, assisting with mailings, helping with tour support emails, and promoting to stations about our clients.

Description of Planetary:
Planetary Group is a company dedicated to helping bands and musical artists reach a listening audience and build support.

Our online publicity department works to provide the artist with the ability to reach online publishers of websites, blogs, podcasts, and online radio. We use our strong relationships with the media to build a fanbase for our clients through the use of technology, which allows publishers the ability to listen, learn, and post about our clients. Our goal is to get the artists new media coverage either in music reviews, concert listings, online radio plays, MP3 posts, interviews, or any other method that reaches out to readers or listeners.

Our radio department reaches the music tastemakers in the country, helping our artists reach across the US and Canada and receive airplay in markets all over. We also strive to set up interviews and in-station sessions when bands are touring.

To Apply:
If this sounds like an internship that you would enjoy and you fit the criteria listed above, please submit ALL of the following to stephanie [at] planetarygroup [dot] com:
– Name
– Phone Number
– Email
– Desired Department (Online Publicity or Radio)
– Your Resume
– A cover letter or one-page writing sample
– Your availability for Winter/Spring 2012