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For twenty-five years, Planetary Group has connected musicians and brands to their audiences and customers through the medium of radio. Specializing in the creation of custom, goal-oriented, radio campaigns that target your demographic and reach from the regional to the national markets, we create sound strategies that bring your art to its greatest potential audience. 

We don’t just route and promote your songs, we listen to and care about your music. Offering feedback and reaching out to book promotional interviews in your touring markets, Planetary Group goes beyond general radio station solicitation and puts you into play in the college radio, Adult Album Alternative (AAA), public radio, and non-commercial markets that are ready to spin your newest singles. 

In addition to our non-comm radio promotion, we also offer our label services to further serve your career recording and releasing your music.


Although record labels such as Columbia and Atlantic still exist, due to the rise of streaming platforms, like Spotify, and newer app crazes, such as TikTok, you as an artist are no longer solely striving for a major record deal that asks you to give up the rights to your brand, your likeness, and most importantly your masters

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“360 deals” in the past left artists with very little say over their trajectory, no ownership of their music, and yet saddled them with debt after said contracts reached their ends. Planetary Group offers services traditionally provided by separate parties that used to require multiple contracts. So what can we provide?

  • Marketing: connecting your music to the audiences that don’t know they need your music 
  • Promotion:  specific, targeted campaigns on radio and internet (facebook and instagram ads)
  • Development: feedback on branded materials: songs, photos, video; strategy building for live streaming and audience engagement projects; publishing
  • Distribution: getting the songs to YouTube, Spotify, Apple music, Instagram stories, TikTok, and more
  • Royalties: access to your distribution figures; transparency about streams, collected royalties, and geographic reach
  • Affordability: instead of racking up bills over campaigns and being given the bill later, you know what you’re paying up front and control your product, narrative, and time table


A standard record label is essentially a lending bank for music. They decide an artist is worth the risk and invest money in the form of expenses and an advance. The 20th century myth of a gigantic advance, limousines, and exorbitant album sale royalties was replaced by “360 deals” that prevent artists from playing a one-off concert or appearing in a friend’s YouTube video without permission. 

Meanwhile, the cost of recording, producing videos, equipment, travel, promo, and PR all gets totaled with the advance and at a later date is billed to the band if it isn’t recouped on time. We cut out all of the loan sharking and make it about you and your music. 

We will let you keep ownership of your music, allowing you to take in all revenue earned from the streaming of those tracks. We will consult with you about your branding and marketing, but will not force you to be something you’re not in hopes to recoup lost investments. 

We will get you to non-comm radio, in all its forms, and place you where the crowd who will connect with your music already exists, where people who consume large amounts of new music know to go to find their new favorite song and artist. We will provide feedback as we track your campaign and will pivot when needed, instead of just applying standard industry models, based on who you are and how you want your music to perform.


The music industry has changed time and time again since the turn of the century. Commercial radio is further and further committed to minimal, Top 40 only, formats to retain their ad revenue. Planetary Group through non-comm radio, whether it be NPR, AAA, or college and university stations, will help you skip the frustration and limitation of soliciting stations and DJs on your own and allow you to focus on the most important thing: your music, your artistic health, and your career as a creator.

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