WATCH OUT: Whats App Scam Text

HEADS UP: There is a scammer impersonating Planetary Group.

They may reach out on Whatsapp using this number: +44 7378 120071

They will ask you to rate music 40x a day after which you will allegedly be compensated via a base pay + commission structure.

But first, they will request that YOU deposit money with them which is supposed to raise your commission.

They will send you to a link that is suspiciously similar to ours:

But is not! This is ours:

Here is some text from the messages so you know what to expect:

‘The nature of the job is freelance, non-experience is required, the only requirement to do this job is to have a device with internet access, the hours and place of work are on your free time and your own goals, meaning you can work remotely with no restrictions, the working hours of the workbench are 10am to 11pm, we can do this at any time during this period, working only 1-2 hours per day–

Our gross earnings are based on base salary and commission.

Log in every day by completing three sets of music optimization data and receive a base salary of $500 for 5 consecutive days, every 5 days, $1500 for 14 consecutive days, and $3200 for 30 consecutive days from the planetary-group platform!

And commission is our main income, which can be withdrawn directly after completing the work each day, however, this is not a fixed rate as it depends on the single music profit which you’ll receive during optimization by the system. our daily work position will complete 3 sets of data per day, each set of data is 40 data, we need to complete 3 sets of data in a day in order to count as a day’s work.’

Please report and block any messages like this you receive as we go through the proper channels to make sure this scammer is shut down!

Thank you, 

Your friends at Planetary Group