What Does EP Stand for in Music?

Today more than ever before, the music industry has become extremely competitive. With so many musicians and artists looking to make a successful career, having special attention to detail can help you separate yourself from others. This is especially true for new or up-and-coming artists.

If you are serious about your musical career, then an EP can be a great starting point to promote your content and share it with your audience. But what is an EP and why you should consider one? The music promotion team at Planetary Group invites you to keep reading as we answer these critical questions.

What is an EP?

If you have been in music for a short or long period, you may have heard the term “EP” (extended play) more times than you can count. EPs are a collection of music tracks which can be categorized as more than a demo but less than a full album. Artists and musicians alike make EPs in an effort to raise awareness of their musical content and recent musical projects. There is not a predetermined number of tracks a performer must record to make their EP. However, as far as industry standards go, it is recommended for musicians to create more than a single recording. That is why many artists who look to go the extra mile and expose their talents to a broader audience choose to arrange anywhere from three to six tracks on their EP.

Why You Should Consider Recording an EP

Whether you are at the beginning of your musical journey or a stable point in your career, you will always need a good way to promote your artistic creations with your audience. You may wonder how an EP instead of an LP can help you in your musical endeavors. While you always have the choice to make a single to promote your music, it may not showcase the full spectrum of your abilities, let alone all you and your band have to offer. Keep in mind the music industry is extremely competitive, and only those who have a distinct approach to their preferred genre have a shot at making it big. So why not go all in with your musical project?

More than anything else, an EP is an excellent promotional tool that can help you show your talents, abilities, and a distinct approach to music. Furthermore, taking the EP recording approach can help you promote your content without investing in a full album that can be costly, especially if you are a relatively new band or musician. Remember the key to a successful EP is promotion, so you should always aim towards a great product that can help you promote your content as well as your love and passion for music.

What Should I Include in My EP Production?

There are many things to consider when creating your EP. Creating this type of musical content requires all musicians to pay attention to many details during production. Some of the things you should consider when designing your EP include the following:


Variety is essential when recording an EP. This means that if you are a band or musician dedicated to playing rock, try to mix it up by including different variations of your music style. For instance, you can include two tracks full of power picking and note-shredding madness and two tracks showing power ballads. You always have the freedom to choose what kind of music you want to include in your project. However, mixing things up can help give your listeners a better idea of your musical identity.


The general rule of thumb “quality over quantity” applies in every step of your musical career. This principle certainly applies to your EP production. It makes no sense to create a six-track, low-quality EP. Going this way to pump out as much musical content possible will only hurt you in the end.

Remember that anything you release into the world will be considered a reflection of yourself and your band. Instead of risking a hit to your reputation as a musician, go for a high-quality production. This means using high-quality recording, editing, and mastering equipment and software. If you think five or six high-quality tracks are financially constraining, go for three high-quality ones that can project how serious you are about your music.

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