What Does a Publicist Do in the Music Industry?

The music industry is saturated with artists who are trying to find a path to success. Standing out among these peers requires talent, but it also requires strategic planning around promotion and public relations. The most successful musical acts understand not only the importance of finding media outlets to cover their work but how to choose publicists who can create and implement a public relations strategy that is tailored to their individual goals. Continue reading to learn more about what publicists in the music industry do, the importance of forming a strong public relations strategy, and how Los Angeles music promotion agency Planetary Group can help you and your group get ahead in today’s competitive market.

What a Publicist Does and How They Can Help You

The job of publicists in the music industry is to spread information about their clients throughout the public. They use paid or unpaid/unearned channels to tell stories about the bands and musicians that they represent. Publicists know how to find various ways of getting the public to pay attention to their clients; this may mean that they write press releases, hold special events, network with sponsors, create and utilize social media accounts and posts, cultivate relationships with people in the media, and more. Publicists can also help clients reach people by creating press kits, which usually include photos, short biographies, and information about their social media presence.

It should be noted that public relations is different from advertising, which is centered around paying for promotional opportunities such as advertisements. Instead, public relations entails leveraging the power of existing media to gain attention for clients.

In the music industry, specifically, the role of publicists is to find ways to share their clients’ stories with the audiences that are interested in hearing them. Publicists in the music industry make targeted efforts to maintain relationships with members of the media who create content relevant to the interests of specific audiences and who can convey a compelling narrative about their clients. Publicists who work in the music industry know how to promote specific aspects of artists’ work, whether it be a tour, album release, event, or merchandise, often centered around a campaign implemented over a specific period of time.

When choosing a public relations company to work with, you should seek out a firm that understands the type of music you make and that not only respects your goals but knows how to help you reach them. When searching for a public relations company to work with, bands and musical acts should remember that a successful public relations strategy does not work overnight, but is the result of continued and consistent efforts.

The Public Relations Services Offered By Planetary Group

Planetary Group can help bands and musicians reach their intended audiences through an array of services. Planetary Group uses its specialized knowledge of online promotion, radio promotion, international promotion, consulting, and tour/event promotion to get results for the clients it represents.

Online Promotion

Online music promotion is one of the most versatile and effective ways to reach audiences and increase public interest. Publicists can work with writers, editors, publishers, social media users, content creators, and influencers to generate reviews, profiles, interviews, podcast episodes, videos, social media posts, and other forms of media about the bands and musicians that they represent.

Radio Promotion

Music industry publicists know how to get your music on the radio. Although online promotion is becoming more prevalent every day, radio is still a relevant and dependable method of sharing music with audiences all over the country. Music publicists are skilled at maintaining relationships with staff at radio stations that allow them to ask hosts and producers to play clients’ music, provide feedback on the music they share, or to hold interviews with their clients. Radio stations and programs are usually chosen specifically based on the genres that they play and the demographics that are most interested in their programs and musical choices.

International Promotion

Planetary Group has spent decades cultivating a network of contacts based all over the world, which they can leverage to promote bands and musical acts located anywhere on the planet or that are interested in touring internationally. Planetary Group can promote their clients’ tours and events in any place on the globe or help them apply for financial grants that can fund international tours.


The publicists that work with Planetary Group understand that dealing with the media is not always natural for bands and musicians. For this reason, Planetary Group can offer consultation and media training to bands and musicians who are new to being interviewed and who may suddenly find themselves responsible for promoting their work to the media. Planetary Group wants to help clients make the most of every press opportunity they are offered.

Tour/Event Promotion

Music industry publicists are skilled at promoting the tours and events that the bands and musicians they represent are involved in. By getting media attention for both tours overall and individual stops on the tour, publicists help connect audiences with the events and shows that they are most interested in.

Los Angeles Public Relations Agency Serving the Music Industry

Bands and musical acts of all genres and levels of success can benefit from the help of an experienced publicist who will design media strategies to reach the audiences that are most likely to appreciate their clients’ work. Since its inception, Planetary Group has been dedicated to helping clients get noticed in a constantly changing media landscape. Get in touch with our Los Angeles PR agency for bands today to learn more about how you can use their services and expertise. Call (323) 952-5050 today.