What is Clubhouse And How Can Musicians Take Advantage Of It?

There is a new app, utilizing the original technology of the telephone and spinning it into modern age usage, an app that has been quickly growing in venture capital, tech, and now entertainment circles. Technically, it is still in beta testing and isn’t even released to the public yet, but it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue this season. 

The app is Clubhouse, and here’s why you need to look into it.

When Covid began in 2020, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth created an app designed to allow people to speak to each other, exchange ideas freely, and convene without needing to type in a chat or be on screen like with Zoom. It’s like a conference call for the age of apps. This means you just open the app, find a conference that suits your interest, and listen in. You can also join in on the conversation if you’d like.

Why People Love Clubhouse

What makes it unique is that you need to be invited by someone who already is on Clubhouse to download the app.

The fact that not just anyone can download and join has made the app super attractive to movers and shakers in their prospective fields, and music is no exception. You can hear TedxTalk or MasterClass level conversations between music moguls, without the careful editing that goes into similar events when sponsored by multi-billion dollar corporations. While one room could have DJ D-Nice and Comedian Tom Green planning a collaboration, another could have major influencers discussing their favorite new songs. Meanwhile, you can glean career advice listening to Brandy’s mother talking about being her manager. 

Who’s On It?

On Clubhouse, you will find thousands of musicians and entertainers, large and small, who are looking to connect with each other, or just find new great ideas and music. Music industry magnate Scooter Braun holds regular virtual parlors, conversing with hitmakers, songwriters, and heavy-hitters about everything from new music, sneakers, to food. With Clubhouse, the idea is to turn community into the next commodity.

Other popular rooms include Black Jeopardy, based on the popular Saturday Night Live skit, which speaks to the Black and BIPOC perspective in the music industry. Guests have been producer Swiss Beats, rapper No I.D., and the president of Motown Records, Ethiopia Habtemariam.

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How To Best Use Clubhouse To Grow Your Following

So what does that mean for musicians and artists? The first rule of Clubhouse is you gotta get invited to Clubhouse to be in the club house. After you get in, here are some tips on how to best take advantage of this brand new social media:


Find artists or bands you’re into and see if they’re on the app. Reach out to fellow fans and see if they listen to those bands’ Clubhouse Rooms. Clubhouse invites have been selling on eBay for up to around $100 dollars. You can go that route if you want, but try to organically get the invite….the app will even show you which of your cell phone contacts are already on the app.


You Clubhouse bio will tell all interested parties everything they need to know about you, and it’s important to get those new people to your main social media pages and to your website as soon as possible! Start with a crisp and clear picture, have an interesting and informative bio, and finish it off with links to all of your bands’ awesome social media accounts.


Once you’re invited, use the app! Once you’re in they’ll give you a few invites of your own that you can share with bandmates. Search through Clubhouse Groups and try to find ones that suit yours and your band’s interests. Smaller groups will help you reach more fans, as you have a higher likleyhood of getting on stage to speak.

The more hours you listen in, the more invites you receive. The more you participate in the conversation, you’ll also recieve more invites, but more and more people will be interested in your work and what you have to offer outside of the app. These invites and conversations allow you to draw in people: the rest of your band, your friends and most importantly, help you connect to people who listen to your music! 


Once you get invited, join, and participate, the next step is to make your own Group or Room and get your people involved. This is where all the invites you rack up while listening and participating come in handy. While you can’t expect the biggest influencer on Clubhouse to put you on, you can begin organically building a following before it goes public sometime later this year. Invite your fans, your friends, your family, and get them in on the conversation. Start planting the seed for what will be a tidal wave when this thing is available to anyone with a smart phone.

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Final Thoughts

Being a musician in a band is so much more than just releasing recordings and playing live shows. These days, there must be 360 approach to letting people into your entire world, into your band’s conversations with each other and with other musicians – Clubhouse makes this easier than ever. Make use of this casual place to talk to fans and you will find that your spheres of influence can grow quickly. To help grow your influence throughout all of social media, radio and beyond, look to Planetary Group to help with your music promotion. Promoting is a full-time job, and our promoters are experts in this complicated industry. Shoot us a call today at (323) 952-5050 to get started