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SURVIVE’S ‘RR7349’ hits #1 at CMJ RPM

SURVIVE album art

In collaboration with Relapse Records, Planetary Group is proud to have been on board for SURVIVE‘s RR7349 and helped see them to #1 on CMJ’s Top 40 RPM chart! It’s been a wild ride for the band this year with the release of Netflix‘s hit show Stranger Things, which two members of the group scored.

The pulsating, 9-song instrumental release showcases immense diversity between tracks – RR7349‘s compositions range from grim tom-tom thunder to space-age epics, pairing tense plodding grooves with meditative ambience and driving, rhythmic beats. Head over to their Facebook to keep up with everything the band is up to as they wrap up their fall tour!

Celebrity Access Interview with Planetary Founder Adam Lewis

Celebrity Access’ Larry LeBlanc had a nice long chat with our very own Adam Lewis — they covered everything from SXSW to touring internationally, to staying loyal to the team that got you signed. Check out the full interview here.



A common mistake is that many artists figure they don’t need someone like you once they are signed by a label.

Yeah. I never understand why a manager doesn’t insist on keeping the team that got them to the point that a major label is interested. Obviously, if a publicist screws up, then of course, move on. But if everything has gone well, and the publicist has done everything that you want, the artist should want to build on that.

Too many artists won’t fight their U.S. or Canadian label to keep their team intact. They don’t realize that labels are working with half the staff of a decade ago, and that their label person is probably dealing with 50 other acts. It’s different in the U.K. where the hiring of publicists and radio trackers is entrenched.

It’s definitely true. It is especially true with overseas artists because they don’t want to rock the boat. They are so grateful to have an American deal that they are often very afraid. But it makes no sense. The team that got them there knows where the bodies are buried. They know how to pitch the act. They know all of the history. They know where they can go. Also they have ownership. You take ownership in that artist. We will do anything for Courtney. We want to grow with her. For us, it’s important that she continues to grow. Labels can be great, but they are often overworked, and personnel also come and go. The turnover is really high. I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be there the whole time with the artist, and we will try to do everything that we possibly can.

Planetary Group at Canadian Music Week

Join us & AB Co. for a rooftop party at Canadian Music Week! This year’s party features Angelenos The Fontaines, PEI’s Dylan Menzie, and more! RSVP here for entry.




Planetary Year In Review

College Album Collage 2015

What an exhilarating year here at Planetary. From Estonia to Serbia to our own backyard, we’ve scoured the world looking to find the best new music for you. It’s been a particularly exciting month with Grammy nominations being announced, happy to see our very own Courtney Barnett in the running for Best New Artist.

This week also marked CMJ’s Year-End Chart which included Planetary’s San Cisco, Twenty One Pilots, Braids, Courtney Barnett (#2 at Top 200 & AAA!), Icky Blossoms, Prodigy, Method Man, and more. Check out the full rundown below!

CMJ Year-End Chart Highlights
Top 200
Rank / PK / WKS / Artist + Title / Label
2 1 29 COURTNEY BARNETT Sometimes I Sit And Think, And… Mom And Pop
63 7 12 SAN CISCO Gracetown Island City
69 13 26 TWENTY ONE PILOTS Blurryface Fueled By Ramen-Atlantic
129 23 16 BRAIDS Deep In The Iris Arbutus
143 18 12 ICKY BLOSSOMS Mask Saddle Creek
154 16 10 TEEN DAZE Morning World Paper Bag
157 25 11 TURBO FRUITS No Control Thirty Tigers-Melvin
183 19 11 JACK AND ELIZA Gentle Warnings Yebo
188 24 12 CORNERS Maxed Out On Distractions Lolipop

Rank / PK / WKS / Artist + Title / Label
2 1 29 COURTNEY BARNETT Sometimes I Sit And Think, And… Mom And Pop

Rank / PK / WKS / Artist + Title / Label
24 3 13 ICKY BLOSSOMS Mask Saddle Creek
28 5 14 BRAIDS Deep In The Iris Arbutus
29 2 8 PRODIGY The Day Is My Enemy Warner
31 4 12 GORGON CITY Sirens Black Butter-Priority
49 7 9 MIAMI HORROR All Possible Futures Dine Alone

Hip Hop
Rank / PK / WKS / Artist + Title / Label
13 1 13 METHOD MAN The Meth Lab Tommy Boy
25 3 12 K-OS Can’t Fly Without Gravity Dine Alone

New World
Rank / PK / WKS / Artist + Title / Label
34 3 17 NATTALI RIZE AND NOTIS New Era Frequency One Rebel Creative

New York Times speaks with Planetary Co-Founder Adam Lewis at CMJ


Planetary’s Australian import Fraser Gorman plays CMJ’s College Day (photo by David Medeiros for CMJ)

Another successful year in the books for Planetary Group at CMJ! The team was out in full force & hosted 16 bands from across the globe at our annual party at Piano’s. In between subway stops and slices of dollar pizza, Planetary co-founder Adam Lewis had a chance to chat with the New York Times.

This year marked CMJ’s 35th annual Music Marathon. The company is in the midst of a “two-year rejuvenation of the brand” as it shifts focus to accommodate the changing tides of the music industry. New York Times’ Joe Coscarelli spoke with Lewis about the importance of pre-festival preparation for international bands coming to the US for the first time, “A lot of bands still believe in the dream that someone can walk in and discover them. But just because you can get a grant doesn’t mean you should come. There are bands that pay to play in front of five people. That’s what you want to avoid.”

Read the full article over at the New York Times’ site.


Method Man & K-Os Top The Charts

Back with his fifth studio album The Meth Lab out on Tommy Boy Records, Method Man has struck a chord in the hearts of programmers across the nation and nailed the top spot on CMJ’s Hip Hop chart with the help of Planetary Group.

We’ve also been proud to present the latest release from k-os, Can’t Fly Without Gravity out on Dine Alone Records which hit #1 on Earshot’s National Hip Hop chart. Boston Globe called it, “an undeniable creative triumph.” We agree.

Planetary Presents: CMJ & Culture Collide 2015

It’s a bicoastal celebration! Whether you call PST or EST your time zone home, there’s a Planetary party for you. First is our Culture Collide party in the Champagne Room of Taix on Friday October 9th. A few weeks later in NYC, Friday October 16th from noon til six pm we’ll be taking over both stages at Pianos.


Planetary Presents CMJ 2015

Culture Collide 2015 1000



Tone Deaf Interview: Adam Lewis On Avoiding PR Mistakes





In preparation for Australia’s premier music industry conference and artist showcase, Big Sound, our own Adam Lewis answered questions for Tone Deaf about avoiding the biggest PR mistakes bands can make.

Be loyal. Stick with your radio plugger or publicist for the long term if they are delivering. Too many acts think that they don’t need us once they are signed. Too many managers won’t stand up to their new label. If the radio plugger or PR professional has done their job up until that point, then you should keep that member on the team as you progress to your label. This person knows you, where your fans are and how best to work with you moving forward.

Often times bands and managers just think they need to work with the in-house label person – who knows nothing about the act or where the fans are. It’s a huge step back for you. Plus that person is working multiple bands on the label. You also don’t know that the agenda is in-house. Better to have your own advocate. Find the budget yourself to keep this valuable team member on board or stand up to the label. This person helped get you where you are now. Why throw them away?”

If you’ll be attending Big Sound, be sure to say hi to Adam! Read the full interview here.

NPR Music Premiere: Kalle Mattson’s Avalanche




Mattson says of the video, “I’ve had the video concept in my head for a long time actually. I remember being 10 or 11 years old flipping through the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time magazine and choosing what records to borrow out of my dad’s collection based on the covers alone. All of the albums we recreated are super important to me and the video sort of serves as a window into what has influenced me growing up, discovering music for the first time and then eventually writing songs. One of my main worries was that this would seem like a bit of an ego trip inserting my face into a famous Dylan cover or something but I really think it came out as a work of love for the artists, their records & the covers that also make those albums so special.”

Check out the full premiere over at NPR.

Planetary’s Sheppard Goes Platinum in US with “Geronimo”

Sheppard Go Platinum in US

Planetary client & Australia’s Sheppard were presented with an RIAA certified platinum plaque on CBS’ The Talk this week for their track “Geronimo” – catch the band on tour this summer!

“The band’s international success follows the mammoth reception Sheppard have received at home in Australia, where they were recently nominated for 7 ARIA awards, winning the award for ‘Best Group’. “Geronimo” was the highest selling single of 2014 in Australia, where it is certified five times platinum.  The band’s Australian debut album, Bombs Away, has attained gold status, remaining atop the ARIA charts since release.  “Geronimo” is a Top 10 European airplay record, garnering radio play in 50 countries, as well as reaching the Top 10 on the singles chart in over 12 countries.  What’s more, the single is approaching 130 million Spotify streams worldwide. The hometown heroes also recently garnered a nomination for “Song of the Year” and won for “Pop Work of the Year” and “Most Played Australian Work” at Australia’s APRA Music Awards.” via Republic.