6 Things You Can Be Doing With Your Lyrics

Lyrics are such a huge part of any song or album, and yet many musicians don’t do much with them beyond writing and recording them. Remember, anything you create is incredibly valuable, and there is almost always a way for you to get more out of everything, if you only think creatively. The words in your tunes are no different, and while their main purpose is to make a track memorable and to express your feelings, you can stretch them further and perhaps even make some money with them! Read on below to learn some ideas you might not have thought of.


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  • Post Them On Your Website
  • Social Content
  • Merch
  • YouTube Lyric Videos
  • In Your YouTube Description
  • Use A Lyric Distributor


Post Them On Your Website

This is the simplest thing to do, and yet so many artists don’t bother! It’s your website, why not fill it up with all the content you can that fans might be interested in? Add a page that includes links to all the songs you’ve ever released and let those who love listening to your art can scan them, memorizing the words you’ve written so they can sing along when they next press play.

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Social Content

Artists need to always be thinking about what they can share on social media, as platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are now the main methods musicians use to speak to their fans. Everything you do can be made into content, and that definitely means lyrics.

There is so much you can do with when it comes to sharing your lyrics on social media, an entire article could be dedicated to those ideas alone. You can keep things simple and post nothing but the words, or get a bit more creative. Craft interesting graphics, GIFs, or videos, turn them into jokes, make memes of them, and so much more. You don’t need to upload them all, but don’t forget about them as you craft your band’s social media strategy.



Lyrics are some of the most memorable parts of the art you create, and people often have very intense and emotional connections to the lines that mean the most of them. As someone who is trying to make a living from your creativity, you can turn those words into merchandise that fans can’t help but buy. You don’t have to think too outside the box in order to come up with some good ideas, at least not at first. T-shirts, stickers, buttons, coffee mugs and so many other items are easy to have printed, and any of them could become bestsellers in your web store.


YouTube Lyric Videos

For years now, these have been gaining popularity on YouTube, and you should really be hopping on this trend. Not every song you record and release needs a big-budget music video, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invest a little time and money into creating something visually appealing that encourages fans to watch and listen.

Work with a designer, or learn how to craft these clips yourself, which present the lyrics to any song in a captivating manner as the tune plays. You can go all out and spend quite a bit making them huge productions or keep things very simple. It’s entirely up to you and your budget, but uploading lyric videos to your YouTube page is a great way to increase interest in your release and perhaps earn just a little bit of cash from views on the site.

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In Your YouTube Description

When you upload your song to YouTube, make sure you include the lyrics in the clip’s description! This is good advice you should keep in mind whether you’re posting the proper music video, a lyric visual or nothing more than the single and a plain background, which could perhaps be the album cover. People sometimes search for a tune by some of the words they remember (if they didn’t catch the name), so including all the lines you write below the actual player is a solid idea.


Use A Lyric Distributor

These days, lyrics are everywhere. You can usually look them up when listening to a song on Spotify or Apple Music, read about them on various websites or even include them in an Instagram story, and putting your words in all those places is easier than ever before. There are companies in the music industry that can distribute lyrics to all these online destinations (and so many more), and you need to be working with them! Do some quick research on this topic and you’ll locate a few options that don’t cost much and which can get your words out to the world.

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