How To Make Your YouTube Video Descriptions Work For You

When you’re uploading a new video to YouTube, there’s so much to think about. Is the visual really the best it can be? Should it be edited differently? How are you going to promote the clip, making sure it reaches the largest audience possible? With so many different things to consider, many musicians overlook the video’s description, giving little thought to what they write. This is understandable, but a mistake!

There is so much to be gained from writing a smart, all-encompassing and SEO-friendly description for what is surely an amazing music video. Read on below to make sure you’re checking all the right boxes before you publish anything. 

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  • Ask For What You Want!
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  • Hashtags


The First Two Sentences on YouTube

As you write a description for your new video, it’s vital to remember that the first two sentences are the most important. Before publishing anything, think long and hard about what must appear first. What words and phrases will pull in the most searches, either on YouTube itself or Google? Your name, the title of the track, perhaps the album it’s featured on, and more make sense. There are no hard and fast rules regarding what you have to include, but don’t waste this space with fluffy adjectives or a story about the tune or video. That can all come later!

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Ask For What You Want!

If someone has clicked on your video, you’ve already won. There’s a good chance they’re listening and watching, and that not only helps your bottom line, as you will earn a small royalty, but it’s always a good thing whenever anyone is interacting with the music you make. This, of course, doesn’t mean there aren’t still other things you’d like your audience to do…but how do you get them to go through with any of those activities?

Well, why not ask? Make sure to include requests for people tuning in to like the video, subscribe to your channel, follow you on other platforms, watch other visuals or even buy the track they’re enjoying, or perhaps even the album it’s featured on. You might not see anyone follow these requests, but you never know until you ask!



Don’t assume that just because someone is watching your latest music video on YouTube that they know you, or that they’re already engaging with you and your work outside of the Google-owned platform. Somewhere in the description, you need to include links to where they can find more about you. Make sure you share links to your social pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, at least), your YouTube channel, your website, online store, tour dates, and even where they can get a copy of this fantastic composition on iTunes and Amazon or where they can stream the rest of your catalog on Spotify, Apple Music and beyond.

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Some people have a really difficult time remembering the name of a band or what their single is called. This is more common than you’d think, and it’s often very frustrating to rising talents or those who have scored a breakout, semi-viral hit. Help those clueless music lovers by copy and pasting the lyrics to your song in its video’s description. Many fans enjoy reading the words so they can dissect them and sing along, while others may only remember a line or two. Those helpless listeners will often type those few catchy words into either Google or YouTube’s search bar, and if they’re also in your description in black and white, there’s a much better chance they’ll find what they’re looking for.



Just like on social channels such as Instagram and Twitter, YouTube now allows anyone uploading a video to add hashtags to the metadata. These aren’t always the most vital addition to any post, but it only takes a second, and you may as well include them. You can choose hashtags like your band’s name, the track’s title, as well as genres, moods, styles and so on. Anything you think might be helpful, go for it!

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