How Much Does Studio Time Cost?

Being a successful artist means making good music, which usually requires long hours in a studio. Music promotion is one major endeavor of musicians, but recording great music to promote is another. And studio time can be expensive — affording the thousands of dollars it takes to rent studio space is one of the biggest hurdles that musicians face early in their careers. Continue reading to learn more about the cost of studio time, the factors that contribute to that cost, how musicians can make the most of the time they spend in the studio, and how musicians can avoid spending too much to record their music from our Los Angeles music promotion company.

The Price of Studio Time for Musicians

The cost of renting a studio to record in can range from $25 per hour at the very least to $3,000 per hour at the very most, though an average one costs around $100 per hour. The average album recorded in a studio takes between 90 and 150 hours to complete, so you can expect to multiply that number by the hourly cost of a studio rental. The price of studio time depends on a variety of factors, including the caliber of the equipment in the studio, the size of the recording space, the location of the studio, and the legacy of the studio, i.e. whether they have produced any big hits. To avoid spending too much on a studio, make a band budget for what your group is willing to spend and choose a studio accordingly.

Tips for Making the Most of Time Spent in the Studio

Since renting a studio to record an album is so expensive, you’ll want to do everything within your control to make sure that you are using the time to the best of your ability.

Firstly, document your recording experience! Photos and videos of the process of recording can be valuable social media content, as long as you don’t reveal too much. Fans will be happy to see a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes. For more social media tips for musicians, contact Planetary Group today.

Another way to make the most of your time in a recording studio is to prepare as thoroughly as possible ahead of time. Spend time writing good songs well before you enter the studio, and if improvisation plays a large part in your recording process, you can still have an idea of what you want to create before you begin recording. You can also prepare for your time in a studio by practicing. Make sure that all musicians involved have a mastery of the pieces that they will be playing before you begin recording in a studio so that you don’t waste precious time.

Another way that you can make the most of your time in the studio is by choosing a studio that is the right fit for your needs. Choose a studio that most closely aligns with the sound you want to create. It should have the equipment and conditions that will contribute to the ideal execution of your vision. You should consider the same things when choosing an audio engineer to assist with recording by asking yourself whether they have the skills and talent to help you create the album of your dreams.

When recording an album in a studio, you should also prioritize which sounds you want to record in a professional studio and which sounds can be recorded with lower file quality. Consider the equipment necessary for each constituent sound—if it can be recorded at home or even as a field recording, then do that and save the studio time for the sounds that will need to be recorded in ideal conditions. It may even be beneficial to build a home recording studio in which to record certain sounds for your album.

Other Costs Involved in Making an Album

There are many other costs involved in making an album besides renting a studio, such as securing rehearsal space, audio engineering, and album art.

Since a studio rental is so expensive, you’ll want to make the most of every second you spend in the studio. Don’t waste time rehearsing in the studio, since you’ll be paying for that time. Before you rent a studio to record your album, you should rent some rehearsal space so that you can be certain that you’re fully prepared to record when you walk into the studio. If you are lucky enough to have access to your own rehearsal space, utilize it. If not, be prepared to pay between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars to rent a rehearsal space for your musical act as you prepare to record an album.

When you record your album, you will need the help of an audio engineer. This engineer will be able to assist your band while you record to ensure that you have the correct audio levels and can assist you by mixing and editing audio levels after the recording process. You can expect the cost of an audio engineer to be about the same as the cost of the studio rental itself. Depending on the rate that the audio engineer charges for their services, you can expect to pay between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars.

Album art is another expense that musicians can expect to pay while recording an album. Having an engaging image to represent your album will make your album easier to promote when it is completed. You can pay an artist, photographer, or designer to create album art for you, which will likely cost a few hundred dollars.

Public Relations Agency for Musicians in Los Angeles

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