How Podcasts Can Help Your Music Career

Musicians and bands everywhere are always on the lookout for a way to maximize their promotional efforts, and the traditional methods of promoting one’s music are constantly evolving. As years technology has become more sophisticated, the internet has made it easier for musicians to market and share their creations, recently through the strategic use of podcasts. 

By now, everyone reading this article is surely familiar with podcasts, but not many musicians have thought to use them to promote themselves or their work. Keep reading to see how you can tap into this exciting, growing sector of entertainment to grow your own profile and reach an even larger audience.

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  • What Benefits Can a Musician Get From a Podcast?
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  • Fan Base Growth
  • Music Promotion
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  • Networking
  • Why Should Every Musician Use Podcasts?



Podcasting has become a new favorite way for many to convey important stories and messages on the internet. In its early days, podcasting was known for its “do-it-yourself” approach. Anyone with a microphone and a computer could launch their podcast and build an audience from there. As the years have gone by, podcasting has become more sophisticated and more widespread, especially in the music industry.

Sure, the field is more crowded than it used to be, which makes it tougher to stand out, but there are still a lot of benefits connected to podcasting! Here are a few of the biggest ones for you to know.

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One of the most significant benefits podcasting offers musicians is the ability to boost their online presence. Up-and-coming artists often lack the resources to launch an all-hands-on-deck campaign, even when they have something special to share with the world. Podcasting is one more avenue that provides a unique, convenient, and affordable way to highlight who you are as a person and as a musician.

There are several different podcast platforms that each reach millions of users on a daily basis. For instance, Apple’s iTunes service has a podcast feature that is utilized by millions of listeners around the world every single day. This means that if you invest the time and energy into sharing a top-quality podcast to that network, you will have the chance of reaching an enormous audience by using a relatively simple and accessible method.



No matter how talented they may be, a musician is nothing without a fan base. It is essential that every working musician finds the time to grow their legion of followers, which is not easy to do. Podcasts are an often overlooked tool that can be used not only to spread the word about a new release or tell a story, but to reach new audiences who might otherwise completely miss your art. If you’re only promoting yourself, nobody is going to tune in, but if you can find a way to hook people in some other way, they may get to know you, and soon your music.

As your fan base grows, so do your chances of reaching the ears of local businesses or event coordinators who are looking for fresh new content.

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In addition to constantly creating new music, you must always be working hard to promote the tunes and albums you have already released. You can use podcasts, both your own and those run by others, to hype your latest single or perhaps to alert the world that you have a new full-length on the horizon. 

The trick when it comes to spreading the word about your music is doing so in a way that interests people and doesn’t come off as nothing more than a commercial.



Just as is the case with your music, you never know who is listening to you on the internet. Once you’ve put something out there for all to consume, it could reach anybody…and the more content (and the more different types of content) you release, the better your chances you touch someone who could help you reach new heights in your musical career.

Your podcast may be the thing that finds its way onto the phone of a promoter, an influencer, a booking agent or someone at a record label. If you do the medium right and give them something they’re interested in, they may soon become a fan of your content…and then perhaps of your music itself.

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The internet has opened countless doors for everyone in the world to find like-minded individuals who work in their industries or share the same interests to interact, get to know one another, and even collaborate. Launching your own podcast means you are now one of many artists who also participate in that medium, and thus you may quickly begin meeting people in that space as well.

Invite others in the music industry and podcasting space to join you on your program, and they may return the favor. That helps you reach their audience, who might not know you already, and you never know what will come of your newfound partnerships!



The short answer to this question is…why not? Podcasting has been picking up steam since its introduction into the online world years ago, and as time has gone by, many companies have dedicated their resources to perfecting the podcast medium, making the technology more accessible and streamlined for newcomers and seasoned users alike.

This is important because it allows the user to have a powerful tool at their disposal for any project they wish to share with the world. Long before podcasts and the internet existed, artists and bands often relied on big-budget marketing campaigns and traditional promotional tools that were ruled by gatekeepers. Today, podcasting has made it easier to reach a broad audience in a matter of seconds.

Whether you’re a solo artist or a member of a band, you need to grab the attention of as many fans as possible to stand out from the crowd. With a professional podcast, you can reach the audience you want while boosting your musical, artistic, and even your personal presence.

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