Planetary Group Reviews the Top 5 California Music Festivals

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    Every year, the state of California hosts a significant number of concerts and music festivals. People from all ages and parts of the world visit the Golden State to have the experience of a lifetime. But from all the music fests available, which one can you choose? Our knowledgeable music promotion team at Planetary Group present to you the top five California music festivals you cannot miss!

    The Biggest Music Festivals in California

    If you are a musician or a music lover, chances are you have already or are planning on going to a music fest. Every year, dozens of festivals are held around the country. If you live in California, you’ll be pleased to know some of the biggest concerts are held in the Golden State. From overhyped, over-the-top electronic music to heart-warming country music, there is something for everyone who enjoys all things music. Here are the top 5 music festivals held in California.


    Coachella is arguably the most prominent festival held in the United States. Every year, Indio, California becomes the place where music luminaries and die-hard music fans collide. The result, two weekends of non-stop, ear-pleasing music. This year, the festival showcased the talents of hundreds of artists. Some of the most known stars who performed at Coachella were Beyoncé, Cardi-B, Eminem, Jamiroquai, Neil Rogers, Portugal, and many other artists.

    This year the famous American fest drew more than 700,000 people looking to have a great time watching their favorite artists. One of the event’s main attributes is it provides attendees with a wide range of music styles. This music fest is now tied to a particular genre. Some of the most famous forms of music showcased at Coachella include rap, country, classical, and rock.

    Stagecoach Country Music Festival

    Country music lovers can enjoy a fantastic music venue dedicated to all things country music. The three-day event takes place in Indio, California and its jam-packed with amazing artists. While California is not the first to pop into people’s minds when it comes to country music, it offers a big venue hosting a wide variety of country artists. If you are a fan of artists such as Luke Bryan, Lynrd Skynrd, Rita Wilson, and Tom Jones, you’ll feel right at home. People of all ages are allowed to attend the event, and the music fest offers free parking from 9:00 AM to 2:00 AM.

    Joshua Tree Music Festival

    Every year, people gather in Joshua Tree to celebrate music and arts in the desert area of Southern California. This event takes place twice a year. One of their concerts takes place during springtime while the other one takes place during the fall. To have the complete Joshua Tree experience, people from all over make their way to both festivals during the year. This music venue gathers many up and coming artists looking to make their strides into the music scene. Additionally, people can enjoy different types of arts and crafts. This yearly event is open to the whole family, and it offers amenities for children and adults alike.

    California Roots Music and Arts Festival

    Every year, May is the month where many local California bands and artists gather together to celebrate music in a three-day music fest. This festival is geared toward showcasing the best talent the Golden State has to offer. The Monterey-based event also hosts international artists and bands who wish to bring their musical skills into the local atmosphere. This event is also open to the whole family. If you want to see the best talent in California in a family-friendly event full of music, food, and entertainment, make sure you get your tickets for Roots Music and Arts Festival.

    Outside Lands Works Music Festival

    Outside Lands Works, is a three-day music gathering all types of artists and music genres in the San Francisco area. Some of the artists you can see up, front, and personal during this event includes The Weekend, Janet Jackson, N.E.R.D, Portugal. The Man, and many other artists. Additionally, attendees will get the opportunity to be part of comedy and improvisation sessions from seasoned comedians as well as culinary events. If you want to be part of an event offering high-quality music while giving back to support music education programs in San Francisco, this is the event for you.

    There are many other events taking place in California all year round. However, the musical events mentioned above stand out as the top music fests around in California. If you are a music lover, give yourself the chance to visit some – or all – concerts in our top five list.

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