6 Reasons Why A Live Album Is A Good Idea

When did everyone decide that live albums are reserved for only the biggest artists on the planet? It may seem like the vast majority of acts that share live recordings are chart-toppers, but that’s not entirely true. There are plenty of musicians who record and release live renditions of their songs, albums, or complete shows as CDs and streaming exclusives, and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same.

Recording and releasing a live album does require some time, effort, technology, money, and expertise (which also costs a bit), but don’t write it off before you do the research and learn why these collections can be beneficial to you and your career!

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  • More Content Is Always Good
    Feed Your Super Fans
  • Streaming Royalties
  • Make The Concert Special
  • Make More Of What You’re Already Doing
  • Another Press Opportunity


More Content Is Always Good

When you’re in the business of creating content–and as a musician, that’s exactly what business you are in, even if you don’t think of it that way–the more you can create, the better. Not everything needs to be a years-long campaign or a project that will make millions. In between your largest efforts, such as albums of original material and global tours, come up with ideas that will allow you to continue to dole out content. There are a million ways to keep the machine going, and one is live recordings.

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Perhaps a single live album is enough for you, or maybe you want to create even more content and film a show as well. Or, you might want to drop several singles and EPs, all taped at concerts. It’s entirely up to you, but keep in mind that making more content is always a good idea.

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Feed Your Super Fans

Many artists seem to always be concerned with accruing new fans, and while that’s certainly a good goal, it’s not the only one you should keep in mind as a musician. Instead of focusing solely on more, more, more – make sure you’re doing everything you can to please your super fans, as these are the people who are largely keeping you in business. 

It’s vital that as you plan new eras and when to drop releases, you keep your super fans in mind. These are the consumers who will be interested in different kinds of projects, not just singles and albums. Live recordings might not reach those listeners who are only half-tuned into what you’re doing, but they will likely make it into the ears of those who are always hungry for more from you.

Do whatever you can to make these people happy and “fed” (as they say) and the effort will pay off in dividends.


Streaming Royalties

Streaming royalties are never what they should be, but in today’s all-streaming music industry, it’s impossible to ignore these platforms. While the money doesn’t add up as many would like it to, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try and do whatever you can to increase those payments!

Simply put, the more music you upload to streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and others, the more money you can make. If you give fans more options to stream, they may do exactly what you’re hoping they will. 

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Make The Concert Special

Once you’ve chosen to record a live album, you have to decide how to do so. Most of the time, artists pick one concert and tape it, while in other instances, they record several shows and then select the best takes of each song and meld it all together into one collection.

If you go with the first option (which is usually thought of as much easier), you can make it known that this concert will be special. Include that you’re recording a live album in the marketing for the show, and you may see ticket sales climb. Talk about it on social media and encourage your followers to make this the most successful outing of your career. Not only is it always good to sell as many tickets as possible, but right from the get-go, you’re already drumming up excitement for the forthcoming album!

Also, if the audience is filled with your biggest and more ardent supporters, they’re going to be cheering the loudest, and the final live album will sound like everyone loves you (because they do).

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Make More Of What You’re Already Doing

As a working, touring musician, you’re already booking, promoting, and playing concerts…so why not get more out of all that effort? These days, recording live shows shouldn’t be too complicated, as the technology has become easier to acquire, and there are plenty of engineers and mixing and mastering professionals who will be able to make your CD sound excellent.

Sure, making a live album will cost more than simply performing at a show, but you’ve already done part of the work, so why not get more content and money out of what you’re already doing?


Another Press Opportunity

Any time you have a new product to share with the world–a single, a video, or even a live album–it’s an opportunity to reach out to the press. The media feeds on new information, so they’re not likely going to be interested in speaking to you about something you shared a year ago…but a brand new live collection? That could be a story!

Don’t expect a deluge of media opportunities for musicians, but it doesn’t hurt to conduct another round of outreach to journalists, playlist makers, social influencers, and more, especially if you can come to them with excellent music and a good angle. 

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