What Can a PR Company Do for Your Band?

A public relations company can help a band in many ways, all of which culminate in more attention being brought to the music you create. By using different media channels, including radio and online promotion, publicists can get their clients in the public eye so that they can build a fanbase, make more money, and continue to do what they love. Furthermore, publicists can help bands set specific goals, make a plan how to reach them, and then execute and implement it.

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Ways That a PR Company Can Help Your Band

Public relations companies are well-versed in how to spread information about clients throughout the public. They know how to tell stories about musicians via paid or unpaid/unearned channels. They may write press releases or speeches, hold special events, network with sponsors, blog, manage crises, create and utilize social media accounts and posts, and cultivate relationships with people in the media. Public relations companies can also help you create a press kit, which can be distributed to media outlets—it will include photos, a short biography, and information about social media channels.

There are certain ways that publicists can help bands specifically. Publicists that work in the music industry know how to tell a certain story about the bands they represent so that they can reach the audience they want to reach and promote the band and their work, which may include a tour, an album release, or merchandise.

Public relations in the music industry often center around campaigns, which are implemented over a certain period of time and promote a specific aspect of a band’s output. The specific methods that publicists use to promote bands are below.

Online Promotion

Music promotion via online media is the best way to reach audiences. Publicists can help your band increase public interest and awareness by attracting coverage in the form of reviews, previews, features, interviews, articles, and other types of online media such as podcasts, online radio, and blogs. Publicists make sure that they keep close relationships with editors, writers, and publishers, as well as social media users.

Radio Promotion

Many audiences are still able to reached through promotion over the radio. Publicists reach out to radio stations and ask them to play the music of their client, or simply to provide feedback. They may also request interviews. The radio stations that are approached usually play the genre of music that the band plays. Publicists work hard to maintain close connections with managers of stations, production and program directors, and radio DJs so that audiences can be reached in the most effective way.

Tour Promotion

When a band tours, they need to promote all stops on the tour as well as the tour as a whole. Publicists can create campaigns that promote the tour through media channels that will get the message of the tour across to the intended audience.

Planetary Group’s Specialty Areas

Planetary Group has specialized knowledge in certain areas of the music industry. Since Planetary Group’s approach to promotion is to create a promotional plan that is uniquely tailored to each client, we can ensure that the special aspects of each client’s story will be taken into account. A wide and deep base of relationships with industry professionals around the world enables Planetary Group to enact all of their clients’ promotional plans efficiently.

Indie Music Promotion

Promoting indie music is slightly different from promoting other types of music. Planetary Group understands the precisely tailored services that indie bands can use to expand their reach. This may include college radio promotion, consulting and media training services, online publicity services, tour budgeting and promotion, exclusive interviews, and event and show booking. We get to know the unique style and personalities of our clients so we can use it to help us build a comprehensive strategy that matches their desires and needs. Planetary Group has worked with indie bands in the genres of eclectic and fusion, alternative, electronica, folk and bluegrass, funk, pop, R&B, rap, rock, and soul.

International Music Promotion

Planetary Group is skilled in international music promotion thanks to years spent developing a network of contacts around the world and can leverage these contacts to promote bands that are from various parts of the world or that plan on touring internationally. We can promote bands in hyperspecific locations in any venue on the planet. Planetary Group is also skilled at assisting bands with applications for financial grants that will allow them to fund more of their tours.

Public Relations Company for Los Angeles Bands

If your band is working hard to create great music, you probably want to share it with the rest of the world. Allow a public relations company to promote your music for you so that you can focus on creating the music that matters most to you. Get in touch with the publicists at Planetary Group today. Call (323) 952-5050 or visit our website to learn more about our services.